Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trunk or treat!

Last night's ward "trunk-or-treat" was the perfect activity, as always. I love how we don't have to figure out how to go trick-or-treating in strange neighborhoods with small children after dark.

We dressed up--all of us. (We've dressed up every year as a family, except the first year we moved here when I was almost eight months pregnant with Naomi and grumpy as a bear--a pregnant bear, even.) We were the fairy tale crew, even though we weren't all from the same fairy tale. Can you guess? (Probably not from these pictures.)I was Cinderella's fairy godmother. John was Prince Phillip (or Robin Hood or any other gallant hero of an epic tale). Naomi was adamantly Sleeping Beauty (and delighted to be accompanied by Prince Phillip, so very delighted). Olivia was a fairy, and she decided somewhere during the party that because her costume was blue, she was Merriweather, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
Do you see the resemblance?


Lyle said...

I can see the fairy dust around Mereriwether, and Princess Aurora is truly beautiful. We're doing trunk or treat on Tuesday.

Lyle said...

Olivia and Naomi you are truly beautiful creatures from fairy land. I wish I could be there to see how princesses and fairies look in real life. Prince Phillip is much more handsome in real life than in the movie.
The fairy godmother is a little too young, thin , and beautiful to be believable.
Mimi and Livi did you have fun?

Kurt and Beth said...

Fun, fun, fun! Halloween is my favorite time of year - in part due to the wonderful halloween activities we enjoyed while in Toledo. I am sad we are coming to town a week too late and couldn't join in the festivities but we are looking forward to seeing your cute family. The girls costumes are adorable - your handiness amazes me.

andrew & brittani said...

I would have to say that you guys were my favorite costume ensemble of the night...the Dunder Mifflin crew was close behind. Happy Halloween! -brittani

Anonymous said...

You guys looked so cute! Very nice job on the fairy costumes and I must say Natalie was entranced by Prince Phillip all night!


Emilee, your "seamstressing" skills are amazing!! You guys looked great!