Friday, December 14, 2007

What we've been doing

Well, (and when I write that, I want to write "well, well, wells", but the pun is bad enough when it's only in the title of our blog) I've been down with that nasty fever/chills flu (or whatever it is, malaria, maybe?) for quite a while. But I'm back, now, and look what we've done.
I think these gingerbread kits are genius. Every time I've attempted the gingerbread house from scratch, it's been a disaster. But all the hard parts are done when you buy a kit. I did the icicles and the wreath (and most of the icing placement of the rest). My brother did that little blue gingerbread man. Liv did the tree, and my cousin Elli (Liv's age, but my cousin, kinda weird) did the snowman that is obscured with the black drippiness. She and Dallin were attempting a black top hat, and it was a good idea that just didn't work.
Aren't these little girls darling? That's Elli, and she was so incredibly proud of our gingerbread house.
It's so nice to have Elli here in Monticello. My girls have no cousins on my side, and mostly older cousins on John's side, so to have my cousins as such perfect playmates when we come home is wonderful! There's been tons of snow here, and all the girls are great sports about playing outside. They come back in numb and frozen, like little blue bumps, but happy as can be. I love winter!


The Bassetts said...

Love your gingerbread house. So fun! I just wanted to let you know I got your letter. I really don't know what to say... I can't find your email address. If your still have mine could you email me with yours? Thanks

dtravelbug said...

I have always wanted to do a gingerbread house -- yours is DARLING and fantastic. Tell Liv she looks absolutely beautiful (can you sign it to her??) in the picture with Elli. I'm so glad she has someone fun to play with. I wonder if you're not getting my emails, or if you've just been too sick to write back. No worries, I just didn't want you to think I hadn't written. Did Mimes not help with the gingerbread house? What's she been up to?

dtravelbug said...

PS, I forgot, my favorite part of your post was your description of the little blue bumps :-)

Story Family said...

I don't believe I've officially told you how much I love your blog. You should definitely go pro! Way to go, Em. Your girls are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very cute and very professional! Sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather, hope things are looking up.