Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Toledo Saturday

Our family recently came into a little money ($20--thanks, Mom), and so yesterday, we decided to live the high life. We traveled to. . . . . . . Venice! That's right. We found cheap roundtrip flights to Italy, there and back in one day. It was delightful.
Actually, we were trying to find things that were new and Toledoan, since we'll be leaving soon. We've already had Tony Packo's hot dogs, so we couldn't be quite that Toledo-centric (since part of the criteria for the day was new), but we'd heard great things about the pizza and gelato at Diaggio's (near Kohl's--on Airport Highway), and that's where we went. (Despite Mimi's fever. When you have a Saturday free, and the motivation to make use of it, you go. No matter what.)
The girls loved the fountain in the middle of the dining area and the murals on the walls.
We ordered calzones, the special of the day (delicious!), but consumed them so quickly we didn't have time to take a picture. (And it's a shame because they were lovely. Delicious and lovely.) Then we sampled almost every flavor of gelato before deciding on mascarpone with chocolate chips and key lime pie as our two choices. It's expensive (so worth it, but expensive), so we shared a medium among the four of us.
As we left the restaurant, Olivia said, "Man, that was a fun place. I loved that place." She repeated this mantra all the way to our next stop.

Then, on the advice of Alicia, we headed to the Toledo Firefighters' Museum. The bottom floor is so interesting with old fire trucks (even a man-powered truck that took 20 men to push) and an explanation of how fire alarms used to work. Fascinating. However, the hit of the afternoon was definitely the top floor. They have a room set up to be like a child's bedroom, and they simulate a fire, with smoke and everything. Some children pretend to be neighbors, one gets to dispatch the emergency call, and several are firefighters. Here is Olivia (or the top of her head) sliding down the firepole to the rescue.
Then she helped with the hose, to put out the fire in the wastebasket.
She's obviously very intense.
The glare on the glass wall of the bedroom makes it difficult to see inside, but the firefighters get to rescue the child's pets. (He has already been safely rescued through his window.)
Our battery ran out, so we didn't take pictures when we went back downstairs (plus, Mimi was drooping--really drooping), so you'll just have to believe me. When in Toledo, visit the firefighters' museum. (And buy some gelato.)


Shelly and Ken said...

Sooo much fun. We are going to have to check out that museum next time ken has a day off ...maybe I'll just take the kids by myself.

Kate said...

Fun! I wish we had known about those places. I really loved Toledo. There really was so much to do there. I miss it when I read posts on blogs like this.

Mags said...

I want to spend the day with you! in venice, with lots of pizza and gelato involved.

brittani c. said...

I'm going to add those places to my list of places I'd like to go to with Andrew while we're here. Maybe I'll go for some gelato to celebrate the end of Step 1.
(I'm glad the spring rolls worked out and were tasty! My mom called me the other day after she read my blog and told me she didn't know I was so culinary gifted!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun, fun, fun! We're gonna have to take a trip downtown! When visiting daddy just isn't enough! It sounds like a great day! Oh, and you should post the egg/spring roll recipe!!! Or, start your own CookBook Blog?!?!? Thanks for the tips... the boys will love this!

Glen, Jill, & Matthew said...

What a fun day. I love those days. I'm sitting here wishing I could try the gelato right now. We will have to make a trip

Lyndsay said...

Oh la la, how exotic!
Erik and I went there to get gelato a few times but have been on a fast since having the real deal last May. Erik seems to believe that we can savor our last gelato experience as long as we don't eat any more.
I love the pics of the girls "in" Italy!