Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free Ice Cream Tomorrow

First: 3 oz. of ice cream is absolutely guilt-free.
Second: It's free. (Make your donation, of course, but still. . . free.)
Third: It's free Cold Stone. Yum!

(I know that I phrase my arguments in "First, Second, Third" or "A, B, C" organization WAY too often because I now hear my little Mimi telling her sister things like, "A: You have to give me back my Barbie. B: I'm going to go tell Mom." She doesn't quite have the concept perfectly clear, but obviously, she's heard it before.)


Mike & Kelly said...

Welcome back to blogging. And thanks for letting us know about the ice cream.. who can resist free.. or almost free. And please send me Mimi to entertain me someday. I love that kid.

Beth said...

Thanks to you, Kurt actually braved the post-dinner lines at Cold Stone with the girls BY HIMSELF while I was at enrichment. Free ice cream is the way to go, though I think Kiersten was more excited about the clown who made her a balloon animal. Thanks for the heads up!

Jenny and Jake said...

Oh no, we missed this one:) I need to check your blog more often. Your girls are so cute, they are gorwing up so fast. Love the monkey and baby pictures, what a cutie! We miss you all and are glad you are doing well.

Annie and Justin said...

You are hilarious! All my friends here in Colorado went to the free ice cream at coldstone, they weren't sure if it was worth it in the end, I don't konw, it just all makes me laugh