Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Because I Want to Show Her Off

Look at that smily girl!!First thing in the morning, Bella will nearly flip herself upside down trying to smile at anyone and everyone that moves. (In fact, if you give her half a chance, she will try to charm you in the middle of the night. I know my weakness. I simply cannot resist a sweet, smiling baby, so I try not to make eye contact at 3 a.m.)
Olivia was behind the camera, cooing for her baby sister. Mimi was snuggling up close, showing her supermodel posing ability.
This smile is cuter in real life.
As much as I love this teeny-tiny baby (who is not so teeny tiny and is starting to get some little blubber rolls on her legs), I think I need to admit that she is looking more and more like a baby chimpanzee. Still really cute, but kind of funny-looking too? What do you think?
Edited to add this picture found by my brother Dave: Can't you see the resemblance? Still very cute.


Liz said...

She looks a lot like Mimi. I never voted on your previous post because I could never decide. But those top two pictures are Naomi FOR SURE. I think she's adorable.

Kate said...

First of all, you're so crazy. She looks nothing like a chimp! And she really is starting to look like your other girls. Since I knew Mimi when she was born, I really think Bella looks a LOT like her. Simply adorable. And that smile is killer. What a cutie.

Lyndsay said...

I think she's totally cute, but I admire your candor.

Emilee said...

As I revisit these pictures, I am embarrassed by my full laundry hamper, wipes box, and Froot-Loop pajamas in the background. Oops!

Stephanie said...

Finally, your mother infomed me of a way to see a baby picture of your darling new baby girl! She is absoluntely beatiful and I am happy to see that her hair like to stand up much like her Uncle Mike's use to many years ago. What a mirale, three beatiful, healthy and happy girlies, what a great family! We love you Em and are so proud of you and John and all that you are doing, keep up the good work.
We love you, Kirk, Steph and Crew

Bonnie said...

You are so funny! She is so cute and is growing so fast! I love her smile and her cute hair!