Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hiking in Utah

Monticello (do I brag about it enough?) is perfectly located for so many outdoor activities. The mountains are less than half a mile from my parents' house, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks are about a hour away, skiing and sledding and four-wheeling are so very accessible, and, lucky us, John's dad is the king of the wilderness. He knows lots of interesting places to hike and climb, and while we were home, he took us on a day's jaunt to Indian Creek.
The weather was absolutely beautiful. We took jackets, but didn't need them. Bella was perfectly happy in the wrap. ( I love my wrap!)Some rock climbers had set up camp before at this spot. Climbers, apparently, need pull up bars because rock climbing isn't in itself enough exercise? We tested it out for them.I hadn't considered (in Utah--in February) the need for sun protection. Poor Bella's head was woefully exposed. Luckily for her, Grandpa Larry has everything in the pockets of his cargo pants, and he was prepared with a child-size safari hat. She actually kept it on, too, which was quite the surprise.We crossed the Creek; Mimi fell in. She didn't throw a fit, though, which is a testament to the excitement of the day.
Bella was fascinated by Grandpa's beard. (You mean, people come in fuzzy versions? Why didn't anyone tell me this earlier?)
Mimi toted her water bottle up and down the rocks, sipping with great frequency.
I discovered I was more agile than I thought, scampering down this hill with my center of gravity all wonkified by the baby I was wearing. (Interestingly, considering my lack of grace last summer, it appears a 4-pound baby in utero affects my balance much more than a 14-pound 6-month old. Someone should do a scientific study. )
I think this is how Olivia pictures heaven now. Hills full of rocks to clamber around.
Mimi has no bum, a classic Nielson (my mom's family) trait. This is actually not much of a problem when she is wearing dresses, her preferred fashion statement. However, jeans are really designed to be held up primarily by, you guessed it, the bum. After she flashed us all a charming plumber's smile several times, Grandpa Wells decided something had to be done. Enter: the parachute-cord suspender. (Once again, supplied by his bottomless pockets.)
Mimi models it so beautifully. I think it will soon be all the rage among the preschool set.
And the sun, the sun really is amazing. My Vitamin D requirements for the entire winter were filled in that one day's hike.


adventure knitter said...

can I get some pockets like that??? and i think i need a tutorial on wearing jack facing out....he doesn't look as comfy as bella

Cynthia and Steve said...

Wow Grandpa Wells is amazing! He definitely comes prepared!
...oh, and I love Bella's boots.

Jake said...

I'm with Olivia on that idea of heaven.

Where can we get one of those suspenders for Jessi?

Sara said...

So dang fun. Grandpa Wells is a man of many talents. I needs him and his pockets in my life!

I love the picture of the girls on the pull-up bar. Oh those girls! They look so dang happy.

Irish Cream said...

Grampa must've been a boyscout, eh?

What BEAUTIFUL pictures! I am so missing the red rocks. Yes, Monticello has to be one of the best places on the earth- except for the tap water.

I think that we need more parachute suspenders in our fashion trends. It'd be nice to not see plumber smiles anymore. Besides, Mimi looks quite haute couture in her sporty rock-climbing garb.

What fun!!!

The Pynes said...

Of all the blogs I follow, I honestly enjoy reading yours the most. You have an entertaining way of sharing the sometimes mundane aspects of life. Not that this specific entry was mundane - I think it was great you had a fun family adventure in the outdoors. Thanks for sharing and keeping me entertained!

Story Family said...

I can just smell that red dirt. Home sweet home. I'm jealous of your fabulous trip back. Our trips are never complete without a newly scouted out trail hike.

And Bella's boots are adorable. What a cute family and fun vacation!

Becca said...

Utah is so beautiful! Those pictures make me so homesick! I want to see some ground that is not green or wet. Looks like you had a fun time, Clint misses hiking and he will be totally jealous! Enjoy Utah!

tris said...

very jealous. your pictures have persuaded me to get home asap. i love your haircut. you have the perfect face for short hair.

Jenny and Jake said...

How fun! Your girls are so cute!

Beth said...

What a fun trip with GREAT pictures! I'd love instructions on making a baby wrap of my own. An excuse to visit South Bend? Surely it's too complicated for email =)

Brian and Martha said...

Oh, how I miss Monticello.

Ryan, Candace, Jack and Macie said...

emilee i need your email address. i have been meaning to email you or call you for weeks now. i hope all is well with all of you. jack misses mimi!

Anonymous said...

too fun... is that a Moby wrap you're wearing???? I just got one, and I can't wait to sport it with a baby in it (instead of a Hulk glove for the sake of trying to figure out how it works)!

I love the "Pants Holder Upper" can I get one to hold my shirt down... I've got no problem in the bumm area... it's keeping the shirt over the ever-expanding mid-section!
You guys look great! Always love to see what the Wellses are doing.
Seven months already... really too hard to believe!

take care:)

Stephanie said...

Gosh Em, I am not even from Monticello nor do I consider it "home" but you have even made me anxious for a visit. We are going for conference weekend. You look great, your blog amuses me and I enjoy the pictures of your beautiful family very much, the girls are growing so quickly. They won't know us, we need to see you more often, we'll work on that!

Justin, Julie and Cohen said...

Do you have a link or some where I can go to get/make the wrap that you wear your baby with? I was thinking of you today when my new baby just wanted to be held and I was trying to get dinner done. What a nice thing to have when trying to get things done around the house!