Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top Ten From Utah

I'll have to add pictures later, but here are the top ten from our recent expedition to Utah.
In order of their appearance in my head. . .

10. The mountains. Ohh--the mountains. I love the green, green trees and expansive fields of the Midwest, but when you grow up with mountains, how can anything else compare?

9. A talk given by R. L. Wilcox my first Sunday home. Maybe the best combination of clear doctrine, sweet kindness, fun story, and side-splitting humor I've ever heard in a sacrament meeting address. (I need to tell the story later. It starts with a crazy old hermit in an overheating old truck and ends with some gnats stuck in Preparation H. Best. Story. Ever.)

8. Meeting my brother Mike's delightful wife Kelly for the second time. She is gracious, hospitable, and game to do anything. Good choice, Mike. You did your family proud.

7. Seeing my brother Pete for the first time in over two years. He is taller, nicer, and, if possible, even skinnier than when he left. He is also worriesomely (is that a word?) righteous. Mike and Dave, I expect you to work on that.

6. The Draper Temple Open House. So beautiful and peaceful. Bella took the opportunity, while everyone was being especially reverent in the celestial room, to express her very loud delight at the experience.

5. Watching the BYU women's basketball team, even if they did lose to the University of Utah. My cousin Mindy plays for BYU, and she is lightning quick and incredibly coordinated. I've decided that every family has a quota of athletic ability, and I must have agreed before birth to allow my portion to go to Mindy. (Well, probably my portion and the portion of all my children and future children--she's that good.) So, I'm going to claim a little credit for her fantasticness.

4. Hiking through the desert near Indian Creek, north of Monticello, with John's dad and older brother. You should have seen my girls and their delight at the endless expanse of red rock to climb, red pebbles to throw in the water, and red sand to stomp in. It reignited my love of the area.

3. The "Princess and the Pea" party my mother-in-law threw for my girls. She has an enormous bed in one of the guest rooms, and the girls were tested to see if they were true princesses. Beginning with a very princesslike enormous bubble bath and ending in a removal of the peas from under the mattress because they were so intrusive, it was a fantastic experience indeed.

2. Watching three of my brothers play intramural football on the fields west of the RB. Sure, I felt ancient, among all those singles and newlyweds. But it was so exciting to see the team they've put together and hear the much-vaunted trash talk.

1. Having my kids, my husband, my siblings, my parents, and my in-laws all in one place. It's lovely to be with people who love my girls. Where I never feel like a burden when I troop in with my tired and noisy entourage.

It was wonderful.


Sara said...

Hooray for a fantastic trip. I'm so glad you guys got to go.

The Ziemers said...

I am glad you had a great trip home. It is always wonderful to go back to Utah to visit family. I can't wait until my trek back this summer.

adventure knitter said...

I can't wait to see pictures. We really ARE getting old aren't we?! So sad. I want to hear more about the Princess & the Pea party...sounds like great fun!

Irish Cream said...

I'm with you on missing the mountains. *sigh* I am looking forward to my next trip to Utah for just that reason.

Speaking of trips- I noticed that you focused on the POSITIVES of your trip. I think I need to do that, too. I've been so worry about the logistics, nightmares, family fights, children going crazy while traveling and having routines interrupted, that I've forgotten how great it'll be to have my family together and get to play and visit with these great people that I haven't seen in so long.

Truly inspirational, Emily. Thanks!

Oh, and I can't wait to see pics, too!

Bonnie said...

I'm glad you had a good time! I also glad you are back!

Mags said...

when all is said and done it will be nearly three years of no utah for me. so living vicariously through that post was very imparative.
i miss those mountains, and that wheat/grass stuff all over our neighborhood. i mostly miss red dirt. i have a deep seeded need to wash red dirt stains out of the knees of little kid pants, and palms, and scrub it from scalps.
and i must hear about prep h and gnats. also "righteous pete" has a nice ring to it.
+any person who would think to delight little princesses with large mattresses and tiny peas, is as kind and selfless a person as i've always suspected her to be.

Stephanie said...

By reading your blog, I just now learned you attended the BYU game, thanks to my great communicator husband, gotta love it! You love many of the same, simple I things I do about being "home", anything is fun when you are with the people you love. Kirk so enjoyed visiting with you and your girls. He came home raving about how beautiful and good you all looked, I said "I know", I read her blog and often see cute pictures. You are amazing Em, thanks for keeping us all up to date and reminding us of the things we love and enjoy.