Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seven Months

Bella is 7 months old now, having survived the almost smothering love of two devoted older sisters.

She is now most definitely bigger than Pedro the bear, even though she and he were about the same size when we began these comparison shots.* She is still delightfully, deliriously, charmingly happy most of the time. In fact, she sprouted two teeth on Sunday, and I was completely unaware that this was coming. (This is not the case with my other two children. When they grew teeth, I knew something was going on.) And she has been loving the outdoors, even if she's not that thrilled about actually having physical contact with *GASP* grass. She definitely needs a blanket barrier. Leaves--delicious. Sticks--absolutely mouth-watering. But grass, grass has no redeeming qualities. This is Olivia at seven months, again for the sake of comparison.
And Mimi for the same reason. I think she and Bella are almost identical, except Mimi was blond. And slightly moodier.
* Also, can I point out that my photography skills are getting much better? I mean, I'm still no . . . um . . . who's a famous photographer?, but I have learned a few tricks. My best trick is to hold the camera straight, but most people probably already have that one down. My next best one is to get one of those big sheets of foam core and prop it on the other side of my subject to reflect the window light back. This minimizes the need for a flash and makes the colors much better. Now I just need to learn how to really use Photoshop well.


Sara said...

Just slightly.

How did you come up with the foam board trick? That really is impressive.

As is a seven month old baby! Geez, Bella, you are growing so fast!

Liz said...

reflecting the light back? I AM impressed. I never thought of that. All your girls are delightfully cute!

Mike and Kelly said...

You need to send Bella over to try our acorns. Colton finds them quite tasty. They can sit on the grass together,and munch on "yard treats".

Bonnie said...

She is such a sweet baby! I love that smile of hers!

Jonas said...

more pictures of midgets please