Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flaky as a pie crust

Whew! It was a busy weekend. I went from one thing to the next to the next to the next, and I forgot my camera every time. (I am such a flake!) Doncha just love when that happens? So, even though I can't document it visually, I shall document it wordily. (Wordily? Well, it's a word now.)
1. Friday Morning 10:30: Primary Service Activity
I've been put back in with the children's organization in our church, and we had a service project cleaning up the zoo's park. It was lots of fun, once I got Mimi into the spirit of "treasure hunt" rather than "trash spotting." The kids all worked fast and hard, and we had that place spic and span in under 45 minutes.
2. 12:30: Pick up race packets.
I had registered myself, and 10 othe r people for different events in the Sunburst Marathon extravaganza, and I volunteered to pick up all the packets at the College Football Hall of Fame. (Any excuse to visit, right?) It was a madhouse, but an organized one. Find the bib numbers, find the packet, find the timing chips, find the t-shirts. Perfect.
3. 1:45: Film roast material.
Every year, when the outgoing residents graduate, the first and second years put together a little video tribute. Well, maybe it's less a tribute, and more a mockery. I don't want to spill the beans, but I laughed harder in the hour I was there than I have in a long time. And since most of it needed to be filmed in one take, my laughter is going to be immortalized in the finished product. It was hilarious.
4. 5:15: Go to Family Fun Walk.
Sunburst puts together a little Family Walk the night before the marathon. The Bradys and the Wellses jaunted our way downtown and walked a couple miles all together. The DJ at the end had all the kids dancing up on the stage, and I REALLY wish I had remembered my camera. It was fantastic.
5: Saturday Morning 6:30: Drop off kids and 7:15: 5k race.
Tracy volunteered to watch my kids while I ran my 5k race. (I thought briefly about the marathon, but then decided I needed to give someone else a chance to win this year. Maybe 2010.) I haven't run 3 miles in over 5 years (scary, eh?), and my training for this race consisted of exactly 4 runs of about 2 miles each. I've changed my ways, though. I had forgotten how much I love to race, and I want to run at least a couple more 5ks this year. (The best thing about all the Sunburst races is that they start at the College Football Hall of Fame, and they end on the 50-yard line of NOTRE DAME STADIUM. Can it get any cooler? In fact, the runners get to enter the stadium right under the "Play Like a Champion Today" sign. I raised my arms in victory as I passed under the sign, but none of my fellow runners joined me in celebration. Too bad for them. And, to show how very UNvain I am, click here to see pictures of me at the finish line.)
6. 8:30 : Watch Tracy's kids
Tracy, at 6-1/2 months pregnant, was not up for the 5k (wimp!), so I watched her kids while she dominated the other competitors in the fitness walk.
7. 11:30: Drive to Chicago
The Sandersons, Kindreds, and Galbraiths had headed out to the temple earlier, but they said I could join them and partake of the babystting swap. So, I loaded my sorer-than-usual body and three kids into the van and drove to Chicago. . .
8. 3:00: Temple session
. . . where I was able to attend my first temple session in Chicago. Delightful, as all temple sessions are. Is there any place with a higher concentration of perfectly cheerful and kind old people?
9. 6:00: IKEA stop.
Top off my productive day with an IKEA run. Feed the kids in that genius-of-an-idea IKEA cafeteria and pick up some fabric (for another reupholstery project) and curtains. Thank you, Kindreds and Sandersons, for corraling my children. This would have been impossible on my own.
10: 11:30: Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.
That Eastern-to-Central time change is so lovely when one is driving to Chicago, but it really bites you in the booty on the way back. 11:30 is just a tiny tiny bit too late for my little kids. It made our Sunday experience even more grumpy than usual. Worth it? Yes.


Outlandish McCandlish said...

Did you breath at all?

Sara said...

Holy Smokes! What a fun day!

Cynthia said...

very busy! But sounds fun!

I totally am with you on how addicting it is to run 5Ks once you do one. We want to do a ward one in Toledo this summer/fall. You should come out for it!

Mags said...

check out those legs! you've still got the muscle to finish a marathon! ironically, i ran a race on saturday too! straight up hill, i am still sore.
also ikea is worth the trip exclusively for the cafeteria, although i've never exclusively gone for the cafeteria. good work em!

The Brady Bunch said...

I love your 5kpics. I can tell you were about to celebrate in them. To bad they didn't catch you doing that. They didn't get me because I was the fastest speed walker. There was no way they could have captured that.

Andrea said...

BUSY. BUSY! I just had to tell you, I LOVED the sweater you knitted for Lauren's baby shower. It was adorable. I can't believe how talented you are. You are amazing!