Saturday, August 28, 2010

To Answer the Hair Question

I think our babies are getting gradually hairier.

Exhibit A:  Olivia
Not bald, but nearly.  (And it took FOREVER for that child to grow some bangs.)

Exhibit B:  Naomi
A little more hair, especially above the ears, in lovely old man fashion.
Mimi was not the most attractive newborn.  (She's gorgeous now, so I feel okay posting that publicly.)

Exhibit C:  Annabel
Certainly a fuzzy baby, and her hair was distinctive in that it refused point blank to lay down.

Exhibit D:  Madeline
Hairiest baby ever.  I need to take some more pictures because she is much cuter now.


cowbell kelly said...

Wow I'm surprised Mimi's hair was so dark cause she's a blondie now.

Denise said...

Hi Emilee! Congrats. What a cute little one. I wasn't expecting to see a new baby on your blog yet b/c on the picture of yourself you posted a couple of weeks ago you looked like you were only about 6 months along. You are possibly the cutest pregnant woman ever!

Congrats again and enjoy those sweet girls!

Lyle said...

Um, she's hairy, but not the hairiest ever. Mike was born with more hair than that and he never lost it - until he got married and decided to shave it off.

Sara said...

It seems you have the market on cute babies!

Irish Cream said...

I love her little puff-ball of hair! She looks so snuggly. Is she a cuddly baby?

Lyndsay said...

Congrats congrats! None of your pregnancies have gone so fast for me as this one, fyi.

Liz said...

Madeline is beautiful! And what a kind, considerate child to come 8 days early.

The Gardner's said...

So cute! I can't wait to meet her. I asked Olivia on Sunday how she like her new baby. She said she loved her...the only problem is, is that she is "hairy". She then explained to me that she was the only one that had no hair and would like to have a baby that was just like her! congrats!

Holli said...

If the trend continues, what will baby #5 look like?

Congratulations - parents of 4. WOW

The Brady Bunch said...

I love the HAIR!!! she seems to have all her chubbiness in the head. It could be because of all the hair. She is so cute. Did you have a lot of heart burn with this pregnancy? I heard you get that when you have a baby with a lot of hair.