Monday, August 23, 2010

When Baby Quinn comes to visit. . .

. . . we:
1) are delighted to see him.
 2) take him to see our favorite turtle statue.
 (which we also allow Uncle Dave to see.)
3) show him how to pet those turtles who wander around and around and around right at the edge of their fence.  (Do you wonder if they put two or three of the tortoises on fence patrol every day?  "You, you, and you, check to see if this is our lucky day.  Maybe today those dang zookeepers have forgotten to complete the full circle of wire fencing.  If so, jailbreak!")

4) take his picture (so photogenic!)
 5) visit Touchdown Jesus (Yes, Lauren always dresses that cute.)
6) watch him as he dashes again and again to the highest set of stairs he can find.  (He crawls up, but he tries to walk down.  Highly dangerous for someone so new to two-legged mobility.)
7) have him watch as we make Uncle Dave toss us up in the air again and again.

 and 6) hold him so tight because we never want him to go home.
We are so lucky to have had so much family visit us this summer.  Dave and Lauren, you guys are fantastic guests.  Please come again.

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