Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Blessed Her.

When you live 2000 miles from family, you learn to take advantage of the times they come to visit.  When my dad, my mom, my grandpa (my girls call him "Little Grandpa" since it's confusing to have two Grandpa Andersons), and my brother came to visit (purpose: one week in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan), we had to sign Madeline up for her blessing day.  
And then take 4 generation pictures afterward.  

Because of that crazy thing in the coral dress, these pictures were particular difficult.  We love her anyway.
It was so fun to see the Soelbergs, who came up from Bloomington, just to be with us too, but they had to leave in a crazy rush before we really got to enjoy them.  Sorry, guys!

And this is my girl.  A month ago.  I already miss that tiny baby.
She doesn't really fit in that dolly carseat anymore, but when she did. . . it was the most perfect portable baby seat ever.  


cowbell kelly said...

I'm impressed with how olive complected she is. Ruth is such an Albino.

Mike and Kelly said...

Congrats on the blessing, and the picture. It will be a treasure always... despite that naughty 2 year old. By the way, any time you need to send her to me, I promise to pay the shipping, and keep her till she is 18. I LOVE HER!!! Miss you guys, and I wish that we could be closer so that I could steal your minions, and keep.