Friday, May 6, 2011

The Three Piggie Opera

The kindergarten class has a fantastic tradition of putting on an opera, a "Three Piggie Opera", at the end of every school year.  I don't know who wrote the opera, but it's darling.  Naomi was the closer, which means she was the one to say, "Thank you for coming to the 'Three Piggie Opera.'"  Obviously, that is the most important part in the whole pageant.

Because I forgot my camera, I don't have any footage of the actual event, but I have these recaps performed by Naomi on her own.  Here is the song that the parents sing to the piggies before they leave home:

And here is the song the piggies sing to the wolf.

It's sad to think that my other two girls won't get a chance to sing these songs.  We've sung the wolf's song ("I want a big . . .  fat . . . pig to eat, I want a big . . . fat . . . pig to eat.") for over two years now, especially when there is any pork product on the table.


Annie said...

i was dying on that first video. Here are the reasons:
1. That hair! It's perfectly adorable.
2. When did she get so big?
3. Cutest. Voice. Ever.

Kate said...

Such a great singer!!!
And this opera sounds like the cutest thing ever.

Outlandish McCandlish said...

Little baby Mimi used to cry and cry, then I would hold her and rock from side to side.

Lyle said...

Way to go, Midger Schmidger. Let's sing a duet in church this year.