Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pajama Party

Two years ago, Santa stopped by our house on the 23rd of December, leaving a note and a new pair of pajamas for each of our girls.  We parents may have forgotten this happened, but our girls have not. And they reminded us that if they got in the bathtub, Santa would probably stop by, as a special treat just for them.  

I was skeptical, but not too long after they got into the bathtub, we all heard the jingling of bells.  John jumped up and raced for the door, but he was too late to see anything but a flash of red.

"Man, he sure moves fast for a fat man."  That's John's traditional line, and it gets repeated over and over as the girls retell the story.
Santa may have worked smoothly, but getting a picture of all of the ladies in their new jammies was anything but.  I am resigning myself to at least 25% of the participants in our family photos being uncooperative.

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Annie said...

Christmas is so magical. I love it.