Monday, December 26, 2011

Silent Night

Or maybe not-so-silent night, depending on your perspective.  For Christmas Eve, we had two families of friends over to join us in a delicious meal (thank you, Bonnie and Angela) and delightful program.  We had purple shepherds, carefully guarding their sheep.
We had emphatic angels (Mimi had Chloe practicing her stance and wording for weeks.  I hope Chloe wasn't overwhelmed by the bossiness.)
We had an obviously attentive Joseph.
And we had a very sincere Mary.  For weeks leading up to the program, we practiced tying and retying her headscarf--everything had to be just right.
There was a little nose picking. . . (love it!)
. . . and loads of happy smiles.
After our friends left, we sang some nativity songs, dealt with a code brown (really Maddie?  Poop on the floor on Christmas Eve?  That seems to be in poor taste.), and as John and I were cleaning up, Olivia organized a Santa letter-writing campaign.  (These are pre-gift thank you notes-- she's gracious and non-traditional that way.)
We love him because he is nice.

Mimi was a little disappointed that we left out our gingerbread houses along with the cookies we decorated thanks to Bonnie.
We also love Santa for being good (which is obviously distinct from being nice.)  Blogger thinks this picture should be oriented this way.
And Mimi's enthusiasm knows no bounds.  Man, I love that girl.

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