Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I did not take nearly enough pictures when Annie was here, but it was marvelous, even if undocumented.*
These are the reasons it was so much fun to have my sister for a week.
1. Annie is Mimi's Favorite. Person. Ever. Period.
2. I had a shopping buddy. A shopping buddy that was never irritated with my children. A shopping buddy that was willing to watch my children while we shopped. Can you beat that? (I hate shopping, but it has to be done. Isn't it better with a buddy?)
3. She was willing to pose as a butterfly. 4. She laughs about everything. Even more than I do, and that's saying something. So much fun to have a laugher in your house.
5. She was willing to be Prince Phillip. Since Mimi was Sleeping Beauty, those two were the perfect trick-or-treating combination.
6. She did the girls' hair in the mornings. They looked much cuter while she was here.
7. She put the girls to bed. Aaaaahhh--such a blessing!
8. She played silly games all day long and the girls were never bored.
9. The phrase became, "Annie, come wipe me." This should maybe be #1.
10. I had another vote every night for a girly movie, should I wish to watch one. (Poor John! The house was 4-to-1 for a week.)
11. The house didn't have to be clean to impress her, but she was always willing to help pick up and do the dishes. (With every one of these reasons, I'm missing Annie more. Maybe this should be #1.)
12. We hardly did anything special, and she thought everything was fun. Couldn't ask for a better houseguest.
Man, I miss my sister!
*(As a side note, does anybody else wish for a personal photographer? Someone who follows you around all day long and captures the moments, but always makes you look beautiful--unless you are trying to capture how awful the day was. But I don't really need anyone else around, since there are already plenty of people in this little apartment. Maybe a floating robot photographer? )


Kent and Leisy said...

I agree, your sister is fabulous!

The Bassetts said...

Love your list. I'm thinking I need Annie to come and visit me.

adventureknitter said...

Emilee! I just found your blog from the comment you left on mine! I'm excited that I can follow the craziness of your household now! Your kid's costumes were adorable this year!

amy dewaal


Sister visits are the absolute best!! Your sister seems darling and I could definitely tell how much your girls are in LOVE with her!

Lyndsay said...

Is Annie for hire? Your post made me REALLY miss my two sisters!

Kurt and Beth said...

What a wonderful visit - how do you let her go back home? It was fun seeing your family on Sunday! We are excited to find out where next year takes you.

Kate said...

I think I need an Annie. Glad you had fun. And if you do find that robot photographer, let me know!!!

andrew & brittani said...

Emilee and John, you are now officially "tagged." (see our blog)You may have participated before, but I am looking forward to your next posting!!! :)