Sunday, November 11, 2007


John's favorite food is noquis (or gnocchi, if you are Italian, and not Argentine). Unfortunately, they involve peeling and boiling potatoes, mashing those potatoes, combining those potatoes with flour and eggs to make a really sticky dough, rolling that dough out into snakes, cutting it into little segments, and rolling the segments over a fork to create the classic noqui shape. (Actually, reading those steps makes the task feel somehow more manageable. I assure you it does not feel manageable. Noquis are overwhelming to me in my little tiny kitchen.) The sauce is delicious and relatively easy.
So, we took the mess and deliciousness to someone else's kitchen. We have some good friends, Jason and April, that live in McClure (past Grand Rapids, Ohio). Their new home is beautiful, especially the kitchen, and it was actually a delight to have all four of us (with the four crazy kids outside) working together for the eternity that it takes to make noquis.
John was chopping potatoes until Jason decided that he was not quite up to the task (the pieces kept falling on the floor--sweet, sweet John doesn't do much cooking). Jason wore the fabulous Meijer chefs hats we picked up at the "Grand Remodeling Sale", as he chopped up the ingredients for the sauce.
I forgot to take a picture of the final product, but believe me when I say it was delicious. Maybe we will have them more when I have a kitchen that two people can fit in comfortably.


The Bassetts said...

I think it sounded like a lot of work. They would have to be really good to put that much work and time into one meal. So fun to make it with friends though.

Jon said...

What's in the sauce? Gnocci were a big thing in Switzerland and Germany, but I can't find or reproduce the sauces they used... Maybe yours fits the bill?

dtravelbug said...

How fun to turn a mundane project into a fun and funny group effort!