Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Poor Little Apartment Kids Play in the Snow

They were absolutely intent on building a snow tower Saturday. Out of the 1/2 inch of snow on the deck. With a dress and no tights on. (Actually, just Olivia was intent. Mimi was desperate to go out and play, then desperate to come in and warm up, then desperate to go outside. . . you know how she is.)

As you can see, Olivia swept nearly all the snow into one small pile, but she was quite disappointed that it didn't make a larger tower. I have no idea what size she expected it to be, but she was seriously underwhelmed with the little thing there on the left.


Mags said...

Do to our little conversation, I have finally started a blog! I love yours and I love you! hooray for keeping in touch everyday!

tris said...


Wow I can tell those are anderson legs from all the way here in New Mexico. Thanks for commenting on my blog...I've had a hard time coming up with british words that aren't a tad crude...ah well. Oh and I was anti-blog until Mags talked me into it, so I guess I oh you a thank you too.