Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Love This!

I've been checking this series out piecemeal from the library here for over a year, but now I've just got to share. I love Foyle's War. (I've added it to the recommendations at the bottom of the page.) It's a BBC series, replayed here in the U.S. on PBS, all about a British police detective during World War II. The historical stuff is absolutely fascinating. The details really draw you in, like how ice cream sellers had to give up their little refrigeration units so the army could transport blood, or how everything was so scarce because the Germans were cutting of the shipping lines and so some of the characters hadn't seen an onion or a turkey in several months. (With food so abundant at the grocery stores, I just couldn't imagine that kind of crisis.) But what I really love is the main character, Christopher Foyle. He's so calm and dry and British and brilliant. I love most detective stories, but this is my favorite detective television series, maybe ever. See if you can find it.


Mags said...

Why did we not import the British accent? I awsk you!

Kate said...

I may just have to check this out after your glowing report.
And regarding the previous post, I love that you call your girls "poor little apartment kids."