Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Helping Dad

We have a beautiful tree in our front yard. Tall and full, it shades the front room windows and makes the whole lawn a much cooler place to relax. Unfortunately, it also sheds these little seed/leaf/pod things all over. ALL OVER. And I haven't been diligent about raking or mowing them up lately. So it was a delight to see this the other day. John had been watering the lawn, and the girls had been using the sprinkler as their personal waterpark. However, who wants to play in a water park when you can help dad rake the seed things? Holding the bag "open wide" was a difficult concept to master, but with such happy helpers, who cares?
And it is wonderful sometimes to be the only one not working. I sat on the porch. And this was my view looking down.
Such a good baby.


Sara said...

So so sweet. I can't wait to hold that Bella Boo Baby.

And Jenna was quick to celebrate Mimi's swimming suit!

Mags said...

beautiful beautiful babies you two are making! that picture of her in the yellow dress with the fuzzy black hair reminds me of the picture of you and rob and baby mike that used to hang by the stairs in your house!

Beth said...

Our tardy congratulations on your beautiful bundle of joy. She is just darling. I delight in seeing your continued reports that Bella is such a good baby, just as you deserve! What wonderful helpers Mimi and Livi make. I hope my girls grow up to play so well together. Toledo isn't quite the same without the lovely Wells family.

Anonymous said...

Really the only thing to say is... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!