Monday, August 11, 2008

Sister Love

Mimi: Mom, I thought you just had a whole bunch of food in your tummy, but it was really a baby! I'm so happy because I love babies more than food.

Olivia: Babies can't eat anything except milk until they can sit up. (She learned this at a sibling class we took at the hospital.)
Mom: That's right. So don't try to feed Annabel anything, please.
Olivia: But [she cocks her head and puts on her most worried face], I'm afraid she is going to get really, really HUNGRY.

And thank you all for all your lovely comments on John's posts. I'm glad he didn't get the opportunity to take any pictures pre-epidural ("Squeeze my hand harder, John, HARDER.") because those wouldn't have been nearly as pleasant. Annabel is a delightful baby, and we are so happy to have her home and healthy. I am even more happy to not be pregnant anymore.


adventure knitter said...

awww! what cute sisters! can i please please have my baby now too???

Jenny and Jake said...

Emilee! Your baby is so so so cute! I loved the girls comments. It looks like they will have fun helping you:) I am so glad you are doing well! I just think you are so great and you are such a fun mom!Your girls are so cute! I will have to post the latest sewing creation I have made. You are quite the inspiration. Thanks for helping me get started:)

The Borns said...

Too sweet! And I'm finally over that you guys stole our name for a baby girl! Well at least the Annabell (see we would spell it differently) part! Anyway... the way we work the next one will probably be a boy too! But....shhhh it's a secret!

Bonnie said...

I love what kids come up with! You have such beautiful girls!