Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Always Fun When Uncles Come. . .

. . . when uncles come, Hooray!!
My younger brothers David and Robert came to visit on Saturday. Rob left Tuesday morning, and Dave had to leave today. It's so much fun to belong to a family that wants to come to my house and see my new baby. I had a simply delightful time with Rob and Dave. I hereby re-extend my open invitation to any and all family members and friends. Please come. We do fun stuff.
Like visit Fat Johnnie's. Fat Johnnie's is in Chicago, where Rob served his mission, and it is not in the best neighborhood. And I probably couldn't make it back there because Rob did all the driving in the city. Fat Johnnie's is a hot dog stand, a fairly famous one, from what I understand. I do not eat hot dogs. Ever. However, I heard from all those who do that the hot dogs were delicious. Mimi was especially delighted, considering that hot dogs are her favorite food ever.
I thought the ratty picnic tables were an especially nice touch, as was the 4"x4" hole through which you order your meal. Very picturesque.
After Fat Johnnie's, we visited the neighborhood where my parents lived while my dad went to law school at the University of Chicago. Rob pointed out all sorts of great things. Then we went downtown to see Buckingham Fountain and Millenium Park. Unfortunately, I was carrying the baby and left my purse with my camera in the van, so I have no pictures of the girls playing in the sprinkler park there at Millenium. (Dave--when you read this, can you e-mail me some of the pictures from your camera?) That was lots of fun. We even ran into Miss Erin, the girls' swimming teacher. She was visiting Chicago with a friend of hers from France.
Also going on next to Buckingham Fountain was Viva!!--some sort of Latin music festival. I think we were the only non-Spanish speakers for a couple miles. Very exciting. We ran into some exotic looking girls who are, apparently, minor celebrities with Mum2, which must be a television station. They were signing all sorts of autographs and giving commentary all over the park.
Then we had to visit Giordano's, of course. Delicious. It would probably be sacrilege to visit Chicago without eating Giordano's pizza.
Mimi left her swimsuit (which she had packed in her backpack, along with all the Little People, two Polly Pockets, and a dress-up dress) at one of the other tables in the place. It was ceremoniously returned to us halfway through dinner.
After such an eventful Saturday, this is what I found Sunday afternoon. Mimi didn't want to nap by herself, and apparently, after church, she put her swimsuit on underneath her playclothes. It was too hot to nap in both layers, so she simply removed the topmost, and snuggled up to Uncle Dave, who was already taking his Sabbath nap.
We did more, much more, but this is enough for one post.

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Mags said...

livi looks so proud of her cheese! love the picture of annabel the football! i can just hear you laughing.