Saturday, August 2, 2008

Olivia the Fish

Olivia's last swimming lesson of Level 3 was yesterday. I wish I could say that it was a fitting finale capping off her dazzling career as a swimmer, but I must admit she cried through about half of it. (Which, of course, highlighted my fantastic skills as a mother under pressure. I will say I am proud of myself for not repeating the phrase--which I used the first day of swimming lesson--"Get back in that water or I will throw you in.")
Her favorite is the backstroke. (Miss Erin walks by her because if she doesn't Liv will stop after only two arm motions. If she's there, even though Olivia swims by herself, she's forced to swim all the way across the pool.)
The second video is the backfloat. I wish I could have caught the whole thing, but she is fantastic at backfloating. She holds perfectly still and can float forever, but I just caught the tail end of the required 40 seconds.
And the diving board. Can you believe it? I swear, two months ago, she wouldn't jump into a pool from the side even into the waiting arms of her parents. I am so proud of that girl. And now, look at her.

Mimi capped off her career as a swimming student last week, but her fitting finale as a swimming lessons spectator happened yesterday about midway through. She was dinking around by the edge, dipping her feet in as we watched the swim tests and then SPLASH! She tumbled in headfirst. She had almost gotten herself out by the time I got to her. (I kind of wish I would have paused to take a picture, but I think it would have clinched my title as World's Worst Mother.)


Melissa said...

She really does a great job. I better make sure to not put these off again next year. It just blows me away how fast they can get to where they are comfortable in the water. Great Job Olivia! (and mom, as I am sure it was a lot on your part too)

Bonnie said...

Way to go Olivia! And Emilee as always you are such a great mom! Naomi reminded me of Ayden's little experience. We will have to watch those two around the pool!

Cynthia said...

yeah for swimming lessons! Olivia is doing great. And it sounds like Mimi is coming along too. That is always nice when kids learn how to swim to the side by themselves.

Marc said...

Clearly South Bend has much better swimming lessons than the Wolf Creek YMCA. After more than a year of lessons Tanner watched the videoo of Livi jumping off the diving board and said 'Wow! She swims better than me!' What an awesome little swimmer she has become.

This is Kenna, BTW.

Kate said...

Awesome!! She's a great little swimmer. Very impressive.

Michelle said...

How fun to take swimming lessons. My boys need swimming lessons soon. I hope you are at the hospital soon.

Brian and Martha said...

Wow, Olivia has much better form as a swimmer than me(I guess that's not the best compliment-seeing how I am a terrible swimmer with the form of a windmill. It also makes me laugh about you threatening to throw her in the water. That sounds like things I say to my kids when they are acting oh so not angelic. Anyway, I am trying to be better. I am glad you are doing well, especially at 9 months pregnant.

Jake & Jenny said...

Emilee, you are so talented! I just caught up on your blog and all you have been doing! Wow! I love all those cute outfits you made. I hope things are going well for you and we will keep you in our prayers as it is getting closer to baby time:)

Beth said...

At 87-months pregnant, I am surprised you are even willing to leave the house during summer-daylight hours. That wins you the mother-of-the-year award in my book! Kiersten watched the video of Livi and that night was fearless (well, as fearless as me extremely timid little girl can be) in the pool. She wanted to be more like Livi and after seeing the jump of the diving board, so do I, currently I prefer to walk into the water.