Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the winner is. . .

This was so much fun! I loved hearing all the stories, and now I have 14 more to add to my repertoire. Some of them will have to be told only in the right circumstances, like, not at dinner (Andrea's--loved it! Potty training stories are always a winner.) or only among those who have all four limbs (Logan's). Some of the stories were both horrifying and funny (Kelly's--those mice! They give me the heebie jeebies. And Leisy--Terrifying!! And the nakedness-the NAKEDNESS!), and some made me nostalgic (Mom, I love that story about Annie, and Erin--I had forgotten about Operation Pansy Rescue.) I love cute things that kids say (Mags--awesome Quinton, and Kell--sweet Seth, and Sara--I love your mom!). And med school mistakes (especially wrong orifice stories--good job, Jeff!) are always a favorite. And Liz, your story, brought back all the delightful and horrible awkwardness of having that "trifecta of ugly": perm, braces, glasses. So great!

So, without further delay, we will pick the winners:

Andrea! Andrea, my darling cousin, as our first winner gets:A Happy Birthday banner! Obviously, I am a closet glue-gun crafter. It's felt, strung on ribbon, and I hope you can use it.Our second winner is:

Erin! Who wins:A Thanksgiving banner! I hope you like it. My address book has been lost (we will not name the person who has misplaced it in order not to shame HIM), so if you both could e-mail me at emileewells AT hotmail, I will send these along shortly. I am so happy that all of you participated, and I definitely want to do this again. Maybe Christmas?


Andrea said...

YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. I knew your prize would be SO cute! That is such a cute idea. It was fun to read all the fun stories. I will keep checking your blog for more fun ideas.

Story Family said...

What great gifts! Emilee, your talents will never cease to amaze me. I loved all the stories. What a great way to celebrate your blogiversary.

The Pynes said...

I think this is just about the first thing I have ever won! Horray! And the prize qualifies itself to be my very first ever Thanksgiving decoration! It will go up this year! Thanks, Emily! Great idea!

Logan said...

I was robbed! Okay, maybe not. I actually meant to post a real story rather than the retelling of your old favorite joke. Here's my real story, which you may have already heard from John (your husband...not my dad.)

When I was in the midst of the scouting scene, I attended the week-long Timberline camp. Three of the Monticello wards/troops had attended Timberline the prior week, so our troop would be attending with mostly Blanding troops. I was nervous about this, so you can imagine my delight upon being placed in a troop with John Wells. If I remember correctly, we were assigned to be the wolves. We were supposed to come up with an adjective so we could be the "[something cool and inspirational] wolves". We decided on the "blud wolves"--mainly because nobody had any ideas and that was the adjective example that our troop leader had used in trying to get us to think of something. I think it was a fitting name for the sundry team of hooligans in our troop.

John and I immediately set to work on busying ourselves. Rain was on its way, and our tent had holes in it and a couple pieces missing from its frame. No problem. We tied our ponchos together and to some trees, where we slept the rest of the week. We stayed warm and dry.

We kept a tidy camp, and each day we would spend our time constructing something new. (One day we made a tripod, which was especially sturdy and of the highest scouting quality.) The leaders would inspect camp each day and give out jolly ranchers for having a clean area and extra ranchers for creative and industrious projects. I'm convinced that some of our fellow troop members who made it back to camp before us stole some of our ranchers.

Anyhow, our crowning accomplishment was that John and I built a bridge across the large ditch that separated our camp from the main camp. We spent a couple of days hauling huge trees and branches to our camp, then used twine to secure it all together to form a steady and reliable bridge. Later that night, one of our troop mates became ill and was going to have to leave camp. Well, unbeknownst to us, he thought it would be funny to slice the twine on our bridge on his way out of camp. The next day we crossed the bridge to the main camp, having no idea that it was different than before. Miraculously, the bridge stayed strong and sturdy for us. And I wish I could say the same when the leaders came later that day to check our camp. I'm sure they were delighted to see the new bridge that would allow them to forego climbing the steep ditch walls. Unfortunately, as they were crossing, the severed twine gave out, and the logs came a tumbling down along with the leaders. We didn't get any ranchers for our bridge...and I'm willing to bet our troop mates didn't steal them this time.

Kent and Leisy said...

I'm so bugged that I didn't win.

John said...

Fond fond memories. Do you remember the macaroni they would throw around messy camps. They represented wolf teeth from the mouth of a legendary wolf that apparently gnashed his teeth at the sight of squalor. My favorite were the tents that had no rain flys and actually had puddles inside them along with scouts and their belongings. It was a chuckle to see the macaroni(wolf teeth) swell and get soggy in the pools of water in some fellow scouts tents.

Lyndsay said...

I'm sorry we missed the contest. Heaven knows we have plenty of stories to tell. Please do this again! (It was a bad week (or four) for the Peterson crew).