Friday, October 3, 2008

O. C. Bear

O. C. (stands for Our Classroom, and is pronounced "Oatsy" by Liv) Bear was sent home with Olivia on Tuesday. Our job was to show him a good time and document it in his journal. He started off well, with a trip to the Bradys and some grocery shopping. He ate dinner with us and helped Olivia with her favorite chore--raking leaves. (We have no pictures of this due to the fact that our main photographer was, as usual, tending to the nutritional needs of the youngest member of the family, thus leaving no hands free to run the camera.)
We made O.C.'s favorite food as a bedtime snack. Just look at the ingredients--very nutritious and low in sugar.
And the recipe, very complicated, but worth all the hard work.

The next morning, we took O. C. out for a morning on the town. We used our free Chick-Fil-A breakfast coupons (Free! I love Chick Fil-A.) , and O. C. posed for us as a picketing cow.
After he was shown what to do by Olivia.
O. C. enjoyed the delicious orange juice.
Olivia and Naomi enjoyed the slide in the Playplace, but O.C. was too scared, so he had to be held all the way down.
It was with heavy hearts that we let O. C. return to the school. We dressed him first, of course, in a Hawaiian-inspired shirt and some polka dot shorts that help him look like the gadabout tourist he is.


brittani c. said...

what a fun classroom activity. The O.C. bear seems to be going places. I'm sure he misses the Wells family already.

Anonymous said...

Olivia... you've got the making to out do Martha on the Hostess of the year avenue! What a wonderful idea! I'm sure the Wells family has the best journal pics, and O.C. is begging for a re-visit already!

Mags said...

em your the best mom around. i'm not just saying that, oc i'm sure had a heavy heart upon returning as well.

Story Family said...

You truly are a wonderful hostess. I've gathered this from previous posts with visitors, but now it is officially confirmed.

And I just read the hair cuts blog!! My heavenly days! I think you handled yourself beautifully. But if you really think about it, four fingers are better than none.

Larissa said...

I love the "recipe"! I might try to make that tonight. The bear looking through the cow poster is hilarious! I can see this being a movie documentary. The Travels of O.C. It has possibilities...

Annie and Justin said...

So funny, loved it! Ethan has some funny bear at his preschool that the kids pass around and take home with them, its a really cute idea for the kids.