Monday, November 10, 2008

Three Months

Annabel is now three months old. (I do recognize that these monthly posts might be boring, but I want them in my blurb book when I get my blog printed, so ignore it, if you wish.)My pictures were terrible yesterday, to say the least. Bella kept trying to lean forward into the camera, and I was trying to push her back into place and take the picture without my hand. (And the overcastness of the day didn't help. I had to turn on that classy lamp in the background to get enough light.) She's wearing one of my old dresses. It's adorably smocked (just my mom's style), but it's sized 12-18 months. And it is barely long enough to cover her bum. I'm glad we've changed the fashion to make our babies more modest, even if we're letting everyone else show all the skin they want.
Here's the shot with Pedro the Bear. Apparently, my legs looked horrifying.
Luckily for me, I had a darling friend, Bonnie, who took much better pictures of Annabel this month. I love this one of the feet. It's fram-worthy. (Couldn't you just nibble those toes?)And obviously, I'm obsessed with this costume. I love having a baby pea. So stinkin' cute!And one in her blessing dress and bonnet. My mom got this bonnet in Italy for Olivia's blessing, and I love it. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to catch Bella smiling while she was wearing it.At three months, Annabel:
*knows how to laugh. She just learned last week, and it's my new favorite hobby trying to coax it out of her.
*will stick out her lower lip and whimper if she hears a sympathetic voice say "Oh. . . poor Bella."
*is still an absolutely delightful baby.
To compare her to her sisters, I have their pictures below.

Can you believe this is the only picture we have of Olivia at three months old? Crazy. (And she's the oldest. Bella will definitely be my best documented baby, probably mostly because of the blog.) Look at those cheekies! I miss that sober baby.
And this is one of three pictures we have of Naomi at three months old. She loved the binky, but couldn't figure out how to keep it in her mouth. This was John's solution one Saturday while we cleaned the apartment. Go ahead. Be shocked at our terrible parenting. But it worked!


brittani c. said...

Because of that last picture, I just had to comment...

Wow, I really need to try that one day. Your creativity is endless (I'm still remembering your post on the great lengths you made to get the Internet in Toledo!)

Bonnie said...

You have such beautiful girls!

Lyle said...

Em, I sure appreciate you posting all these things about this little girl, but when I think she's three months old and I haven't met her in person, I get a little teary-eyed. What a fantastic addition to your family!

Sara said...

Sweet Annabel. I love the giggles. Love them. I think that is the best sound in all the world.

And those cheeks on Livi! Maybe I forgot that she was a chubby-bubby.

Irish Cream said...

Three things:

1. Annabel is sweet, and I was so glad to be able to cuddle with her today. Adorable!

2. I LOVED the headband pacifier holder. Perfect!

3. When will you make your Blurb book? and have you tried it yet? It sounds very intriguing.

Emilee said...

I have done the Blurb books, and they are awesome. They'll take the text and pictures directly from your blog, and you just have to check the format (which can take a while, depending on how OCD you are) and have it printed. I am going to do mine in January to include all of 2008. They really are not that expensive, considering you couldn't scrapbook all the pictures and text for the price.