Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

The Bradys' Christmas Eve spectacular was wonderful. Delicious food, wonderful company--a perfect way to forget that I was not with my brothers and sister and cousins, reading the Christmas story and singing carols too fast in our annual traditional program. Also, with John on night call until 7 a.m. Christmas morning, we would have been a sad small crew huddled alone in our house without this wonderful party.The kids ate Jell-O and yummy potatoes to their hearts' content in the kitchen all together. This left the adults free to have *gasp* adult conversation in the living room. I laughed heartily at Brooke Sanderson's retelling of a heartwrenching country Christmas song.
Then it was time for the nativity pageant. The costuming was very creative and included a dinosaur, a cow, six angels, around 46 wise men, and 12 shepherds. (Livi was, most emphatically, a GIRL shepherd. She came round to the idea once she was given a long PVC-pipe staff.)

Mimi was very angelic, of course. (Complete with off-kilter halo borrowed briefly from one of the other angels.)
This was my favorite costume. Cute little Connor. Doesn't he look wise?
This first video is to show the general chaos of the event. I love it!

And this video is of the actual program. It's long, but worth it, especially if you want to see how Matt gives subtle stage cues. He's a model narrator.

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The Brady Bunch said...

Great job! I love your blog on this event. It was fun and crazy at the same time. I need to refer my family to your blog because you did a way better job then I could have done (and because I am lazy).