Saturday, December 27, 2008

The North Pole

I know, I'm way behind, but I want to post these memories anyway. Is there any way of changing the date on a blog post to represent when I wish I would have posted it?
South Bend's Downtown puts together a darling Santa's Village every Christmas. They usually do it on the field at the College Football Hall of Fame (which is fantastic all by itself) in a little Santa's cottage. However, because of the tremendous amount of snow on the day we went, they had moved it inside.
It would have helped if I had known this in advance. I was so worried about my kids being cold while waiting out in the snow that they were thoroughly thoroughly bundled. This is Bella, before the addition of her jacket and mittens. She couldn't bend at the waist through so many layers. I think, deep deep down inside she really liked it.

The big girls did like it. They love dumping the bag of snow stuff out and finding their favorite mittens and hats and scarves. That's most of the fun of going outside--the pre-excursion accessorizing.
There was cookie decorating in the Village area, and Santa was the kindest person ever. (Obviously--he's Santa.) When Mimi asked for make-up, he said she was such a pretty little girl she didn't need make-up. He posed for individual pictures along with the group photo. And his beard was real.
They also run a little trolley around downtown for free during the holidays. You really can't find anything more exciting than a bus ride, you know. And for free--that's my kind of fun. (We were accompanied by the Bradys on this expedition--that's Ryan and Kacie in the picture, those cute girls. And Matt and Tracy introduced me to white hot chocolate at the South Bend Chocolate Cafe--SO delicious. )
Mimi determined the fresh snow on the bench was delightful.
And we topped it all off by meeting John at the hospital for dinner. It was a perfect day.


tris said...

hey em...just wanted to say hi, and you were up way too early this morning. maybe if i got up a little earlier i could post more often than once a month. your girls are so cute...i'm jealous of the snow. i noticed you loved pushing daisies too...i think it was for the comedic elite...kenyon didn't get why i thought it was so funny and apparently alot of other people didn't either. very choppy message i just noticed.

Story Family said...

Looks like a great time! And I'm totally impressed you took the three chillin's and did it yourself. Brave girl!

And YES!! There IS a way to change the date of the post. Do it all the time myself. Look for post options (or something like that) in the composition (or edit) screen of your post. Simply switch the date. LOVE IT!! (Did that just make any sense??)

Sara said...

Oh that Mimikins. She kills me with her poses.

I love Post Options (bottom left button); it changed my blogging life when it was discovered.

Annabelle said...

When can i come?