Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year in Review

We did this last year, and I loved it. So nice to recap the year in one short post. (Bella does not get an entry this year, considering her tastes run very much to: milk, attention, more milk, and a nap. Not very interesting.)

(Editor's note: John still needs to fill in some of the categories for this post, but I'm posting it anyway, in hopes that public embarrassment is still good motivation.)

Favorite Book:
John: Undaunted Courage (Much more interesting than Cope's Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen)
Em: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Olivia: Rumpelstiltskin (as told by her Grammy)
Naomi: That's Good, That's Bad by Margery Cuyler

Favorite Movie or TV Show:
Em: Pushing Daisies (I heard a rumor it will be cancelled---sob, sob!)
Olivia: Signing Time or Presto! (The short film before Wall-E)
Naomi: Sleeping Beauty (The girl hasn't changed a whit in an entire year.)

Most Exciting Event:
John: Graduating from Medical School
Em: Delivering my third healthy child
Olivia:First day of kindergarten
Naomi: Not being the baby sister anymore--followed closely by a 4th birthday ("I'm 'fo' now!")

Biggest Disappointment:
John: Going from the high life of a 4th year medical student to the crazy life of an intern. Rediscovering my lack of knowledge.
Em: Missing my brother Mike's wedding, due to the lateness of my delightful and healthy third child
Olivia: Leaving all her best friends from Toledo
Naomi: Watching her big sister go away to kindergarten. On a bus. Every single day. All the excitement of life is simply passing that child by.

Best gift received:
Em: A house! Of my own! With a laundry room! And a bathroom I only share with one other person!
Olivia: Some zip-up footed pajamas. (And to think, her mom had told her for over a year that they no longer made them in her size. Score: Olivia: 1, Mom's omnipotence: 0)
Naomi: Make-up. Loads and loads of make-up.

Most valuable lesson learned:
Em: Signing up to be the room mother for the kindergarten class doesn't mean you are volunteering to help with a party. It means you are signing up to be in charge of every single party for the entire year. This, plus new baby, equals stress.
Olivia: Swimming isn't scary. In fact, it might be the most fun thing EVER.

Naomi: Even when your entire life falls apart in a very short time (new town, new house, new baby, dad gone all the time, sister leaves you), there is no trial so large that some lip gloss and a dress-up can't make better.

Greatest Success:
Em: Sobbed, whimpered, and made enough of a pathetic mess of myself to ensure an induction of labor 5 days earlier than usually done. (And to think my favorite phrase to the girls is "Crying doesn't make it any better.")
Olivia: Reading books all by herself. (Is there anything more fun? All of a sudden those little black marks on the page have something to say. It's absolutely amazing.)
Naomi: Saving herself from drowning after accidentally falling into a pool. (It happened 5 months ago, she was never in any danger, and she is still occasionally giving herself pats on the back over this act of heroism.)


Liz said...

I love Pushing Daisies too! Can you believe they canceled it? The nerve. I need to buy The Book Thief, you have convinced me that my life will not be complete until I have read it.

Renae said...

That is hilarious, Mimi's pats on the back. Now she can do anything. Great year in review entry!! I know now not to sign up to be room mother. :)

Mike and Kelly said...

What a fantastic Idea. I love the year in review. You are so brilliant. And I too will have to pick up the Book Thief. I love having new books to read. Hurray.

Mags said...

oh i loved the book thief! a new top 10er for me. and i love reading your blog, please publish something! i'm still waiting to hear who got slapped in the face years ago.

The Borns said...

Thanks for the bests and worsts! Even though I missed most of the Dick Clark New Years Eve event... I feel if I was somehow there, now that I've had a reacap of 2008, at least from someone!!! Sounds like an exciting year... hope you top it with 2009..(in a good way). Happy New Year, Wellseseseses....