Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was absolutely wonderful this year. Maybe my best Mother's Day yet. (And I've had 6, can you believe it? I simply cannot.)
I woke up to two beautiful girls (no husband--John sweetly did not wish me many happy returns of the day before he left for the hospital at 6:00 a.m.) and a pile--no, a HEAP--of handmade Mother's Day cards. (There is a picture of those somewhere, but I can't find it.) Olivia's were full of handwritten greetings, like "Happy Muthers Da" and "I love you very much Mommy". Naomi's were mostly beautifully colored drawings left WAY open to the interpretation of the viewer. ("Mimi, I think this looks very much like, um, a bell. Is that what you thought?" "Oh, yes, Mom. I drew you a bell for Mother's Day.")

When I came downstairs, I found a perfectly ripe mango (so difficult to find) on the table with two letters. The mango was immediately devoured by myself and my minions.

And the letters were read. This one from Annabel reads,
"To Mommy for Mother's Day
From Bella
1. I am happy that I am your host and you are my parasite.
2. I love being tickled.
3. I love that you are willing, in exchange for some of my food, to feed me, even if you are slow at it.
4. Reading is good, but I'd like to take a more active role. . . say bookholder?
5. Milk. . . mmm. . . yum.

We joke that in Bella's world, everything revolves around her and her needs; that she is my parasite, but she views me as an appendage of her--my food is hers, my lap is hers, my body is hers--not the other way round.)
And there was a letter from John, which I shall keep to myself.
Then the older girls helped me make a delicious breakfast of monkey bread. It's probably not the healthiest, but it was a lovely treat before we headed off to church. Yum! (It's easy enough that maybe by next year, they can make it by themselves. And then I can get breakfast in bed-Yay!)
Olivia and Naomi thought this whole Mother's Day thing was the perfect excuse for a tea party, so they set up shop in the middle of the kitchen floor. I agreed with them.

It was wonderful.


The Ziemers said...

Sounds like a fabulous Mother's Day! I love monkey bread! You have such a great family to take such good care of you.

brittani c. said...

The whole host/parasite analogy has entered my mind many a time when I am feeding Finn. Happy Momther's Day!

Sara said...

Happy Mothers Day!

(And happy anniversary yesterday, which I remembered at some point but forgot to call and share my happy wishes.)

You are a fantastic mother. One I have tried to be like several thousand times throughout the last 6 years.

dusty and meag said...

my monkey bread is awful...please help. can you post your recipe? mine NEVER turns out . thanks em...glad to see they took great care of you on your special day!