Saturday, May 23, 2009

When You're Six. . .

. . . big things happen.

Proof #1:
You can be in an opera. The Three Piggy Opera, specifically. Olivia was offered a speaking part, but declined it in order to bask in the glory of the chorus. And glorious it was.

My favorite song ends with the line "delicious, nutritious, garbage stew". John's favorite begins with "That old big bad wolf he was hungry for pork, hungry for pork."

Proof #2: You graduate from kindergarten. Soberly, of course, and with great pomp and circumstance.
Proof #3: You can give gifts to the teachers and bus drivers you adored all year, and you can write your own thank you notes. My favorite lines from the notes:
"Thank you Miss Rose for driving my bus. Thank you for lit [letting] me hav magsin [magazines] every day." (What magazine is my child reading every day on the bus? She answers that question with "The lipstick one." Does that make me feel any better?)"Thank you Miss Kim for driving my bus. (She has one bus driver to pick up and one to drop off.) I love you very much. Love, Olivia Wells the one with Simone" (our neighbor)
" Thank you Miss Kobb for tech [teaching] me. Thank for gamz [games] and sentrs [centers]. I love you very much." (One of the great compensations for all those saints who teach kindergarten must be all that love flowing so freely around. I know that as a junior high teacher, I never received a card that said "I love you very much.")Olivia picked out the fabric for these totebags we gave to her teacher/bus drivers. They were inspired by this, (although mine is quite a bit simpler) they're not very hard to make, and I think they turned out really well.

Proof #4: You can participate in a three-legged race with a boy who is not your favorite person, be kind, and enjoy it anyway.

Proof #5: When your grandpa comes to visit for your birthday, you can read books to him after he reads books to you.
My dad had to leave early this afternoon, and we are already missing him.

Happy Birthday, big girl. It seems like you were 6 days old just six minutes ago.


Mike and Kelly said...

3 legged races in Dresses, you go Olivia. Congrats on graduating from kindergarten. We are so proud of you. And as for the magazines... maybe Avon? Mary Kaye? I bet Olivia would look stunning in a pink car. Thanks for a great morning shopping.

Liz said...

I loved it. Olivia is darling and so mature. I don't think I would have been so gracious to an unliked person when I was six.

And those bags are darling!

Cynthia said...

Happy birthday Olivia!

She is getting so big! I love the magazine story. I think I would be a little worried about the lipstick remark too!

Those bags for the teacher/bus drivers are adorable!

Sara said...

We love you Liv! A lot! Happy Birthday!

Jonas said...

Best picture ever of Dad. The rapture on Mimi's face is amazing.

Ryan, Candace, Jack and Macie said...

Wow--I can't believe that Liv is 6! Her hair has gotten so long. I love those bags they are adorable! Happy birthday Liv! Please tell Liv and Mimi that Jack misses them lots.

Story Family said...

Happy SIXTH birthday, Olivia! What a cute write-up. There were two pictures that just warmed my heart. The first was Olivia and her partner in the three-legged race and the other was of Lyle. He has not aged one day! Good, good man.

lauren said...

oh i love all of it. livi is so beautiful and smart. you have such great girls and are an inspiring mom.

Lyle said...

Thanks, Kelly, but I have aged. It took ten minutes to find a camera angle from which my growing bald spot would not be glaringly (no pun intended) obvious. It was a blast for me to be with these girls.

Irish Cream said...

Congrats to Olivia! What an adventurous and happy week- graduation, grandpa, and birthday!

When can you teach me how to make the bags? They are SO CUTE!

Stephanie said...

What fun, don't know who looks happier or more content . . . . the girlies or their grandpa! So glad you have had recent visits from both your mom and dad, Em, what a terrific start to the year! Thanks for the cute stories and beatiful picutres, we are so happy you continue to share!

The Copes said...

Hey team. Jodi Cope here (formerly Jodi Tracy,) I caught your blog via Logan's, and thought I'd sneak a peak at what happens when a Wells and an Anderson co-habitate. So far so good!
Anyway, we also had strapping young scholar cross the threshold from kindergarten to first grade, so lets arrange a marriage. I'll send you his portfolio asap.