Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Olivia's cast was removed with great fanfare on Thursday.  We made an appointment at the Sports Medicine Clinic where John is rotating right now,  They cut that raggedy pink cast off (sorry no pictures) and asked Olivia if she wanted to keep it.  She said, with disgust, "Throw that AWAY."  So it's gone for good.  X-rays showed there was still one side of the bone not completely healed, but if Livi could take it easy for a couple weeks, she wouldn't have to have another cast.
"That means," said Dr. Lavallee, "no monkey bars, no jumping on tramps, and no more jumping out of trees."  Olivia, ever the little rule follower, nodded solemnly.  (That didn't stop her, of course, from doing handstands and hurting herself as soon as we got home.  That prompted a discussion about ALL the things that were outlawed for the next couple weeks.)
Anyway, a cast coming off is cause for celebration.  And a celebration is only a celebration with ICE CREAM.  So as soon as John came home, we headed out to Culver's.  Kelly Galbraith highly recommended the "concrete mixers" at Culver's, and let me tell you, we were not disappointed.  YUM!
Olivia showed everyone her newly naked arm.

John and Mimi shared an Oreo concrete.
Olivia and I shared a brownie concrete.

And Bella begged and begged and probably got more than anyone else.

What a party!


Annie said...

i love those babies.
man oh man.

Jeff and Larissa said...

Have you tried the raspberry concrete at Culvers? Jeff highly recommends it. It is "the perfect ratio of raspberries to creaminess." :)

Sara said...

Hooray! Although the Bibster wanted to sign it at Thanksgiving.

Sounds yummy!

cowbell kelly said...

I crave ice cream so much I dream about it! I would have given in to Bella's begging to if she kept tugging on my cloths.