Friday, November 20, 2009

From the Past:: WWF Mania

I have had a funny little conversational crafting blog with my friend, Sara, for nearly 4 years, long before I had a family blog.  It's a private blog, but before I had this blog here, I would post funny stories and pictures from our family there, just so I would have a record.  I was recently reviewing some of those posts, and I thought I would want to repost them here.  This one is originally from July 26, 2006.

John's solution to the increased conflicts that we have been having around here. Teach the kids scissor hold. . .
. . . and body slam.
Who out there doesn't want WWF in their living room?

Those little girls!!  I can't believe they've gotten so big on me.  The wrestling, however, has not been outgrown.  Body slamming is still a very frequent occurrence Chez Wells.


Jeff and Larissa said...

I love that they're in dresses. Perfect attire for the scissor hold. I'm glad to know that things aren't that different when you have little girls, as opposed to boys.

Schnike Meiken Kiken Pikey said...

Mimi's toe head is so cute with it all in her face:)

Sara said...

Little girls! I love them! I can't wait to get my hands on them on Wednesday! Hooray!