Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Does this look like a sleeping baby?

Last weekend, we were part of an expedition to the Chicago LDS Temple.  My genius friends, Kelly and Brooke, thought to go the night before, find a hotel with a swimming pool (for only $35 a night, thanks to Brooke, Ms. Priceline Negotiator), and alternate which adults would attend a session at the temple, and which would stay at the hotel to watch the kids swim.  It was fantastic.  My big girls loved the swimming (especially Olivia, since she is now cast-FREE), and Annabel thought the halls were one long race track.  You can run down the hall, then back up the hall.  Then back down the hall, ad infinitum.

Until bedtime. .  of course.  I never have quite caught the vision of how to make a baby sleep well in a hotel room with her parents and siblings.  I have tried:
*padding the tub and putting the baby in the dark bathroom
*pushing the pack-n-play into that little entryway area
*hiding the pack-n-play behind the desk and chair
*making a "special bed" on the floor between one of the queen-size beds and the wall
*making the entire room completely dark and silent at 7:00 p.m.
*nursing the stinkin' baby ALL NIGHT LONG

Do any of you have any other ideas?

When I am independently wealthy (a phrase much beloved by our dear friend Joe), I am going to get my baby its own hotel room every time we have to stay in a hotel.  Of course, by that time, I probably will not have any babies.  (And really, when I say "by that time" I really mean, "in that particular crazy fantasy where we actually do become independently wealthy".)

Annabel was put to bed at 8:00 p.m.  This is what she looked like at 8:30.
And 9:00.
And 10:00. (With night vision)

She was actually delightful--talking to herself, singing little songs, watching "The Wizard of Oz".  I laid down in one of the beds, and put a pillow in place so she wouldn't know I was in the room.  She was fine being in bed with everyone else awake, (even though the other girls were asleep by 9:30) but she would wig out if she saw that I was in sight and she wasn't right with me.
Gosh, I love that baby.  Especially in the day time.


Cynthia said...

Oh my! Sounds like you have really tried everything. No suggestions here.
Sounds like a great trip minus the night time.

Erin Pyne said...

I had a similar experience with Jaden when he was just a year old. I put him in the pack-n-play, then laid down right next to it so he could see me. The room was dark, except for a small light on down by the door. I just pretended I was asleep. My closeness to him gave him the security he needed, and he soon laid down. He wiggled for awhile, then was still. When I was certain he was asleep, I crawled into my own bed. Of course, this took a lot of patience, and a very sore shoulder.

Lindsay said...

I love that you periodically took pics of her cute little face peeking over the pack-n-play.

Lindsay said...

Oh, and what should you do with her in the future? Put her out in the hall or maybe on the balcony. It's not too cold in Nov in Chicago to sleep on the balcony is it?

Mike and Kelly said...

What were we thinking not getting another room for the kids? I would have been okay if they were all in together, as long as I did not see a happy little baby face at 4:45... Next time...

Denise said...

we have not had much luck sleeping all of us in one room....

you are a cute mom to take pics and be so cheerful about your difficult night!

Brooke S said...

I was chuckling the whole time why reading the story! Thanks for a good mid-day pick me up.

dusty and meag said...

With us traveling a lot we so feel your pain...we usually try a combination of your many efforts lol ...ahhhh, children!