Monday, November 30, 2009

Farewell to Fall

Can you believe this November?  I was worried that because the summer had been so mild--hardly any unbearably hot days--that fall was going to get bitterly cold bitterly early.  But I've been pleasantly surprised.  Until this last week, the fall has been perfectly lovely.  Some days I've hardly needed a jacket to go outside.

But last Saturday took the cake.  It was almost 60 degrees and *GASP* the sun was SHINING!  (Those of you not from the midwest might not understand the phenomenon of bidding farewell to the sun in late September and not seeing it again until April.  Or possibly May.)  My schedule for the day was full of list items like grocery shopping, sewing, and housecleaning, but the plans changed when Olivia begged to play at the park.  For once in my life as a mother, I listened.  Her plan was definitely better.

We tried to go to the nearest park, but they close for the season November 15.  What?  Even for beautiful 60 degree days?  So we ended up at the park by the zoo and called our friends to join us.  The parking lot at the zoo is full of all the leaves they blow from the zoo, the park, and what looks like the next three states.  (No, that is not a trick of perspective.  Yes, that leaf pile is at least twice as tall as my van and at least 8 times as wide.  Plus, since the leaves were damp, the air was full of that stinky-nostalgic fall smell.)

Bella wandered and climbed and tried to pick up other "babies" (kids at least her size) to her heart's content.

Olivia and Naomi spun and spun until I thought I would be sick with dizziness.  They were, of course, fine.

The rock wall was climbed.

We lost Mimi for a while, until we looked closer.

It was wonderful.  I'm not sure I could have been ready for December without this one last beautiful fall day.


Mags said...

i think that pile deserved a jumping in! i now a little something about bidding the sun adieu. but it does make me appreciate the long summers all the better.

Jonas said...

I imagine Bella's desire to pick up babies comes from other "babies" (Mimi) always trying to pick her up.

cowbell kelly said...

Bella's close up boogies made me laugh!!! I can't believe how much she's grown in 6 months!

Kate said...

That's one serious pile of leaves. Cute cute girls, as always.
Hey, can you send me your mailing address? You can just email it to me at katecupps @ gmail

Thanks a bunch!

Emily said...

*Sigh* I'm sad Fall is gone too! Great pics of your cute! Thanks for the tip on my blog, I wish we had HobLob here :(