Thursday, December 10, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

We got our decorations for Christmas out on Saturday after Thanksgiving.  My plan was to clean the house really good Monday morning and then decorate for family night, but the girls we so enthused about decorating that they decided we could all work together to clean on Saturday morning and decorate Saturday afternoon.  And they both worked their little boonies off to make it happen.

Our tree is a delightful gift from "Sister Keeran", and we love its slender slimness.  Easy to store, easy for me to put up and light by myself, and not too terribly heavy when the smallest Wellsbaby tips it onto herself.  The tree and tree ornaments are the best part of decorating and Olivia and Naomi both took it very seriously.

Bella just mostly loved the empty boxes (and not-quite-empty boxes).

Seriously, people, how many times a day is it reasonable to say "We don't eat Baby Jesus."  I think I max out at 35.

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Sara said...

I love that Bella. I want to open up a package with her inside.