Sunday, December 13, 2009

Special Delivery

The girls had a wonderful time delivering our neighborhood Christmas gifts this year.  It was incredibly cold, so they suited up and headed out, on their own (even crossing two streets for one delivery--very brave!).  They absolutely did not want me to join them on their expeditions, probably because moms ruin all the fun.

Naomi told me that at one point she fell down in the snow and that Olivia had taken care of her, even to the point of carrying her piggyback partway home.
"Yeah," added Olivia, "but then she got too heavy." 
We made these, and they are delicious.  And the recipe's not kidding when it says it make 12-1/2 dozen.  So, unless you're giving them to all your neighbors, maybe just make a half batch.  Or a quarter-batch.


Mike and Kelly said...

I wish I were your neighbour!!

Irish Cream said...

VERY cute!
Did your girls help?
Did you sample the wares?
Mmmmm, they do sound YUMMY.

Lindsay said...

Monticello was COVERED in snow. Thankfully the roads were clear. Very pretty. I was surprised how high it was. I loved seeing where you grew up. Pretty cool that there is a temple in such a small town.

What brave little girls Liv and Mimi are turning into. :)

cowbell kelly said...

They sound really yummy! But I have to admit that my favorite thing about this is the plethora of colors the girls are wearing. So awesome!!