Saturday, December 12, 2009

From the Past: Monticello Fun

Originally from August 31, 2006

This is Dave (my third brother), on the 4-wheeler with the girls. His facial expression may signify that he is roughly careening down the street at 75 mph, but the speed limit was 5 (maybe 10, if he stretched it). This was the girls' favorite thing to do. If someone mentioned the word "four-wheeler", Mimi would say "No" (which of course means "yes") and run for the door to go for a ride. There was a money dig at the children's portion of the County Fair. Livi was not really interested, but Annie would move her own toes around in the sand until something was unearthed, and then she would have Olivia pick the money up. Can't you tell that Livi was just thrilled with the whole adventure? (Sarcasm intended.)
This other darling little girl is Elli, my cousin. (My mom's youngest brother's daughter. . . 's wife's sister's cousin on the other side. Just kidding.) She and Olivia played and played and played. They helped Dallin make this big box out of straws and connectors, and they were both desperate to get in the box, and then it was scary. Because everything is scary. Life, really, is quite terrifying, if you think about it.

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