Thursday, December 17, 2009

I love him!

You know when you have one of those days?  Those days where you are trying to finish up the Christmas present projects and shipping the presents you've already finished.  Plus, you signed up to make baked goods for 20-25 people at a PTO meeting?  And maybe you are organizing a little service project?  And also you might have invited some people over for a family night at your house?  You know that kind of day?  The kind that you cap off by slamming into your friend's Ford Explorer with your own Toyota Sienna, thankfully only taking off her license plate holder but caving in your entire back door?  You do?  Well, that's the kind of day that you need a husband like mine.

Let me list the reasons that John is amazing:
1)  He NEVER gets mad.  Ever.  Even when I want him to.  I have never seen him blow up.
2)  In fact, he chuckles slightly when I do something as ridiculous as not look CAREFULLY behind myself when backing up.  And smiles like that's just one of the little personality quirks he loves about me.
3)  Then, he teaches me how to fish. . . er, rather how to call junkyards to find a new door for the minivan at a much cheaper price than a body shop would ask to repair it.  (You know, I don't remember the last time I've been so proud of myself than when I found the perfect rear door at the perfect price.  It was almost like I fixed the door myself.)
View through the fence of my new favorite junkyard.  (Not that I had an old favorite.)

4)  Then, manly mechanical man that he is, he uses his one day off to drive with me to the junkyard and replaces the door himself (I held it up when appropriate) right there in the parking lot.  Is there anything more handsome than a man fixing his wife's enormous mistake?

I love him!
Um.  . . My new rear door used to belong to a taxi.  It almost inspires me to open my own little taxi service.  How much do you think I could charge people to ride in the back of a minivan with a 16-month old?


Sara said...

What a guy!

How fun to have an old taxi door. I'd pay quite the sum to ride around with Bella Boo Baby for an afternoon.

Lindsay said...


It makes me think of the day we were sitting around the primary room and Alicia called John unmanly or something and then John proceeded to go out to the parking lot and fix Shelly's fallen off timing belt. haha. He showed her.

cowbell kelly said...

"What a Man. What a Man. What a man. What a mighty, mighty good Man. Yes he is." - EnVogue

Lyle said...

Well, actually, I think I can claim some credit here. Remember the Disclosure and Warranty Agreement I drafted and John and I signed when you got married. I made it clear you could be expected to do things like fender benders and he promised not to let "the things that matter most" be at the mercy of "the things that matter least." So he's just keeping his promise. Of course, in today's world, that's something.

Denise said...

Wow, what a day! And what a great guy!

Story Family said...

Em, that was the most heart warming Christmas story I've heard of in a long time. Way to go, JOHN!! What a guy!

Jonas said...

In order to make your taxi with 16 month old work, you will need to cerefully target your market. I think there is a niche group of people who would pay 5x normal rates for such a service. The question is How do you find thY group of people?

Irish Cream said...

I wanna know what happened to the rest of the taxi!

SO glad it's fixed!

Bonnie said...

Way to go John! I love that you want to start a taxi service. Your too funny! I am glad your car is fixed. And I will be sure to park on the street next time :)

Liz said...

LOVED that story! I'm so impressed that you found a matching door at the junkyard. You have some sweet skills there!

Outlandish McCandlish said...

I didn't mean unmanly. I just misspoke like I often do. My brain don't work so well and the mouth takes over. I just think of John as being so smart first and formost that's all. He is truely