Sunday, December 13, 2009

Etsy it up

My lovely and stylish friend Larissa here in South Bend has a beautiful Etsy shop where she makes and sells very hip women's clothing and accessories.  She is currently giving away this cute toddler backpack/woman's purse, modeled by none other than the famous Naomi Wells.  (How did she the budget for a model of Naomi's caliber?  Just goes to show, you never know who's making the big bucks.)

Seriously, I love everything that Larissa makes.  Take a look here


Annie said...

so proud of that girl :)
i don't think you could find a better model. she's adorable, sassy, AND excited to be there.
can life get any better?
i submit that it cannot.

Mike and Kelly said...

Emilee, I love that your sister talks just like you.. So cute. And Mimi, is one of those kids that I would keep if you ever need her not to live with you. LOVE HER!