Friday, April 1, 2011

The Best Part of my Day

 2:43 p.m. Every school day.
I love this face.
 And this face.  (I can't aim my camera)
 And this crazy fashion sense.*
 I had big plans.  We were going to happily work on a fun spring project.  (One of these.)  The house would smell of cookies and sunlight and I would bustle about my perfectly clean house in a smile and a fantastic apron.
My girls would smile and laugh and helpfully help each other and Maddie would play quietly on the floor next to us and Bella would never even dream of cutting her shirt with the scissors or touching buttons on the Cricut or having meltdowns every three minutes or poking herself with the pins or demanding more cheese sticks.  
Well, at least the wreath got done.  And I never actually yelled.  Success!  It's still my favorite time of the day.

*Sidenote:  Olivia's teacher asked me, as I was volunteering at the book sale, if I was "responsible for Olivia's unique sense of style."  (You can tell she thought that question through for a while before she decided on the least offensive wording.)  I told her that Olivia was entirely at the helm of her own fashion boat, and I just tried to make sure the clothes were clean when they left my house in the morning.  The fantastic combinations of elements are pure Liv.  


Annie said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again, Olivia has BOMB fashion sense. The cool kids are always the ones who do their own thing. And she can get away with anything with that beautiful skin and skinny little body.

brittani c. said...

I'm sure she has a better fashion sense than her teacher's. Darling wreath, might I add. It screams "spring".

G and H said...

Yay!!! We love to hear when folks use one of our tutorials! Your wreath turned out absolutely gorgeous - I love the variation in papers you used!

dtravelbug said...

I love the wreath, and I'm personally jealous of Livi's fashion sense.

Shanda said...

I think letting our girls choose their own clothes empowers them! :) I have one of those with the crazy fashion sense, and she is so proud of herself each morning..and mid morning, and afternoon, and mid afternoon and evening as she dresses & re-dresses and re-dresses....Love those girls! Your wreath is awesome!

Mags said...

every little girl should be "at the helm of her own fashion boat" because they are people not mommy accessories right? i love your wisdom.