Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flip-flops, Forts, Friends, and Fun

Is there anything better than a visit from some best friends (or cousins, as Mimi insists these girls are)?  I submit that there is not.  We snagged the Soelberg ladies for the last couple days of their spring break, and it was a delight from beginning to end.  

We began with some crafting--state love canvasses inspired by so many from around the web.  We both made Indiana (that wiggly-pointy part at the bottom left was a little bit tricky, doncha know), and then I added some Ohio and Utah love.  (Gotta represent!)  I'll probably have to add a little heart in the Roosevelt area of Utah soon, but I'm not doing it until I've actually lived there.

 Then we continued with some shopping--the 30% discount offered at Old Navy and Gap because of their "Give and Get" campaign was irresistible and called for a trip to the outlets. . . 
 . . . where we scored some matching flip-flops.  (The little sizes have straps behind the heels and Bella was genuinely distressed that her "fwips" didn't make the right noise.  And click on the picture to see how Bella--in the black leggings--likes to split her toes with the flip-flop strap.)
 Then the girly-girls slept in forts, made by John between the boxspring and mattress of the girls' bed (AWESOME!). . .
 . . . and me, by tying the fort sheet onto the kid chairs (lame).  You can see which fort made it through the night.

It was sad, as it always is, to let our friends head back to the wilds of Bloomington.  Bella nearly had a meltdown when she realized she was not going to be able to climb back into Sara's car and go home with her.  (Are you sure you don't want to come pick her up, Sara?  I think you need just a little more chaos in your life.)

I'm thinking there has to be an opening for a fantastic MBA somewhere in Roosevelt so we can continue our spring break tradition.  I'll be on the lookout.  Okay, Joe?


Sara said...

So much fun! Thanks for hosting. You really are the best hostess ever. I never have as much fun anywhere else. Period.

Liz said...

I love John's fort! I never would have thought of separating the mattress from box springs. I think I'm going to try that method the next time my kids want a fort.