Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pincer Grasp

Alternate Title:  It's just so hard to be a baby.

Hmmm. . . what do I have in my hand?
 Did it come from the table?
 Well, I definitely need to keep hold of it in my death grip.  I'll have to use my other hand to get another one.
 Oh, but just look at the treasure trove I've found.  I'll use my raking grasp to get a handful of these.
 Oooh, oooh, I've got one.
 But I see a half-gnawed piece of cracker there that I'd hate to miss out on.
 Oh, and what is that black thing Mommy is pointing at me?  Maybe I want that too.
 This is another one of those delicious puffs that just seem to jump out of my hand at the last second before they make it to my mouth.  Maybe I'll have to sneak up on this one.
 Concentrate.  Concentrate.  Don't lose focus.
 Fail.  Try again.
The only time Maddie was able to get one of these puffs in her mouth is when she had accidentally slid it to the edge of the table and she was able to pounce on it with her mouth like a baby hawk.  We've got a lot of work to do on the pincer grasp.


Susanne said...

Way to go maddie!

Annie said...

She looks like Londyn LaRose.

cowbell kelly said...

That is the best comb over i'v ever seen! The only time ruth gets something in her mouth is when i put it there. fail.

Story Family said...

So cute! And the secret star of the show---that hairdo she's rockin'! Go Maddie!

Story Family said...

Got it! Her 'do' is like Kate Gosselin's before all the extensions! LOVE it!

Shanda said...

No No No NO NO she is not old enough for that!!! Wow she is growing up so fast! And she is SO ADORABLE!!!! All your girls are beautiful!