Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easy Way to Sew Easter Dresses*

*If you are determined to sew them, which I am.  Just so nobody thinks I'm a loony, I do realize it would be easier to buy Easter dresses.  I just like making them.

Step 1:  Shop for Easter dress fabric in March 2010, while still in a state of pregnancy super-fatigue and find sheer green fabric with simple daisy print that is just perfect for three little dresses.  Delusionally determine that one has plenty of energy for the task of sewing three dresses.

Step 2:  Cut out pieces for three dresses.  Watch Easter come and go.  Over the next two months, sew the dresses completely together except for the neck bands.  

 Step 3:  Hide the semi-finished dresses in the sewing room closet. Ignore their mocking "finish me" glances.

Step 4:  Have a baby.

Step 5:  Wait until March and start thinking about Easter dresses for 2011.  Have Mom come to visit. She will bribe you (even offer to do all the ironing required) to finish the dresses.  Sew the neckbands and add the elastic to the sleeves, finishing all three dresses in one night.
 Step 6:  Rejoice.

Step 7:  Realize that the baby born in step 4 will also require a dress.
 Step 8:  Look in the fabric stash and realize that all the fabric purchased in 2010 was used in the dresses for the three original dresses.

Step 9:  Panic.
 Step 10:  Go to Jo-Ann Fabric.  Find exact same fabric.  Purchase 1/2 a yard (babies are small).  Cut out pieces for baby dress.  Sew all the bodice pieces together.

Step 11:  Tuck baby dress into sewing room closet.  Ignore mocking "finish-me" glances from dress for a month, until day before Easter.

Step 12:  Try the Big Three dresses on the Big Three girls.  Realize Dress #3 will not fit over the head of child #3.  Panic.
Step 13:  Stay up WAY too late the night before Easter making a keyhole neck in back of Dress #3 and putting the skirt onto Baby Dress.

Step 14:  Smile the next day to see all four of those crazy Wells babies in their green dresses.

Do you think I ought to start working now on next year's dresses?


Susanne said...

The dresses look fantastic!
The girls look even better!

Outlandish McCandlish said...

No, I think you should start now on 2013's dresses. You are great!!

adventure knitter said...

First of all you should pat yourself on the back for knowing how to make such cute dresses! I wouldn't even know where to start to do something like that... So do you take orders?

Sara said...

The dresses are just plain darling.

Jenna is more than a little distracted by that dog in the background. She's confused as to why he isn't described in the post.

Liz said...

The dresses are adorable and I'm just impressed you made them!

Out of all your book suggestions I have only read a few Agatha Christie, Fablehaven, and Percy Jackson. I'm excited to start on your list. Thank you!

Jenny and Jake said...

They are such cute dresses. And I thought making two was a you are amazing! I love all your adventures in sewing. I used the very exact pattern that you left us in Toledo at my first dress making event. Thanks for your inspiration! Also the animal print leggings on my blog were from Khols. Gotta love grandmas:) I love reading your blog, so many fun posts!

Irish Cream said...

I LOVED the dresses! They were beautiful, and I admired them every time I saw one of the Wells' girls.

I say keep sewing!

I took a break this year because my mother bought and brought 4 matching Easter dresses to me. How could I possibly turn that down?!? I also must add that my husband sighed a HUGE sigh of relief that I wouldn't be spending the night before Easter sewing... even though I have material for their summer pj's that I wanted to put together... that fabric is mocking me right now.

Brian and Martha said...

I am embarrased to say that my 2009 Easter dresses are all cut out and ready to be sewn.

Shanda said...

Why not just open up your own Easter dress shop so those of us who don't sew can have beautiful dresses too!!!???