Wednesday, June 6, 2012

High Tea

I have discovered a no-fail recipe for making girls (ages 2 to 92) happy.  Tea Parties--fabulous tea parties-- that include:
*beautifully dressed friends
*making bracelets out of gorgeous, plastic, animal-shaped beads
 *tiny food on toothpicks
*delicious hot chocolate "tea"
*cream you can pour for yourself (Or, if you are another little Bella we know, you'll be completely confused, and ask, in astonishment, "Sour Cream?!?! In my cocoa?!?!")
 *little cakes to decorate with loads and loads of frosting and plenty of sprinkles
*a "fancy" PVC pipe tent that makes it actually feel official
*and the surprise hit of the day?  Me.  With a British accent, identifying myself as "Maaahhhhge."  Everytime I'd offer the girls some strawberries or cheese cubes, the girls would giggle themselves silly, and when I'd walk away, they'd whisper to Bella "Your mom talks funny."

So, if any of you out there are looking to make some little girls really happy, just follow my foolproof steps.  And don't forget the British accent.  I'll call you "Aaaahhgatha."


Sara said...

Supermom, as always.

I love your bookshelf arrangement. LOVE it!

Annie said...

Could they get any cuter? also, i had everyone at girl camp saying, "of course not! That's so embewassing!"