Friday, June 1, 2012

Colorful Recital

All right.  I'm trying to pull myself together and be a regular blogger again.  June's goal:  Blog every stinkin' day. Let's see how that goes.

At the beginning of the year, Olivia signed up for art class and Naomi joined Miss Heather's dance classes.  Can I pause here for a moment to sing Miss Heather's praises?  Miss Heather is a "big picture" woman.  To me, a very literal, very small-picture, very step-by-step person, her productions are an absolute wonder.  She thinks on a grand scale--big themes, big group movements, big music.  (And can I pause for a moment again to sing her husband's praises?  He's the detail-oriented guy that puts it all together.)

So Mimi's spring concert was based on the book "Red Sings From Treetops" by Joyce Sidman, and Naomi's class were the redbirds that started the whole thing off.  I loved their red costumes.  
 So did Mimi. She felt extraordinarily beautiful in her red leotard and tutu.  And then she remembered the hair feathers and, no joke, squealed with the delight of it all.
I love the music Miss Heather picked for all the dances--only instrumental, and quite emotionally moving.  As a girl who never used to cry, I was a little embarrassed to find myself with tears in my eyes.

Granted, those tears may just have been because I could not believe that long-legged blond dancer was my little Mimi.  Crazy that they grow up so fast.


cowbell kelly said...

Mimi looks really pretty:)

Sara said...

How in the world are these girls getting so big?

I can't wait to read your blogs everyday!