Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My only sister is eleven years younger than I am, so I feel like I grew up in a family of boys (six brothers will give you that impression).  Because of that, I'm new to the sisters dynamic in my house.  So, any of you with sisters, enlighten me if you will:
Did you have a sister whose greatest joy was to either tie you up with the jumprope and call you her trapped elephant or tie the jumprope around her waist and make you lead her around like a dog?
And, if you did have such a sister, was your greatest joy to try to be just like her, even if that meant putting on seven pairs of panties in a misguided attempt at imitation?

And, if both of those were true, did you still feel the need to whack her face every five minutes, just to make sure she didn't get the wrong idea about your adoration?

Because, sometimes--I'm telling you--I just don't get it.


adventure knitter said...

Megan is constantly tying ropes around Mia and Jackson and making them be either horses or dogs....it's hilarious!

Holli said...

Hey Em,
Please add to your to do list "e-mail Holli" hhmurphy@gmail.com because she no longer has your e-mail address. Love you, love your blog.

Emilee said...

Holli, I thought I did e-mail you. I hope that e-mail didn't get lost. I'll look it up in my sent folder.