Friday, June 8, 2012

Mini Marathon

Olivia and recently completed her elementary school's mini marathon!  It's a little shorter than a marathon (26.2 miles--my sister's running one this weekend), of course.  It's even a little shorter than the Indianapolis Mini Marathon (at 13.1 miles).  However, it's still a tremendous 2.0 miles, and we are very proud of ourselves for finishing, along with these other runners from Mrs. Heiner's class.
 I had my stroller, with two little girl passengers, and my agreement with Olivia was that we would run five minutes and then walk two minutes.  (She's never run two miles at once before).  She kept meticulous track on her watch, counting down the minutes until we could walk, and then watching every second before we'd have to run again.
 Her friend, Tayri, (in the blue) ran with us the whole way and these two finished as the 5th and 6th place girls from the whole third grade.  I was pretty darn proud of them.  (I was also proud of me--coming in first in the "moms-with-strollers" category, although my competition was not particularly fierce.)

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Annie said...

i may need to adopt that way of thinking about running. Run then walk sounds like a delightful time.