Saturday, June 2, 2012

Easter Dresses, v. 2012

You know how sometimes you have a pretty concrete vision for a project, and you feel like you are working toward that vision, but when the project is all done, it's nothing (NOTHING) like your original idea?  Well, that happened to me on this year's Easter dresses.  (And yes, I realize it's June, but I'm trying to catch up.)

My idea was gingham shirtdresses--a different color for each girl--all in the same pattern.  Something like this:
 But with less tongue sticking out, and maybe in a green, a blue, and an orange for the other three girls.
But it's harder to find gingham in just the right shades than I originally considered.  And then I found a fantastic twill, with polka-dotted stripes in all my favorite colors.  And it coordinated quite well with the yellow gingham I had already found.  So I made this bubble dress for this crazy soul.
 And this seventies-inspired sheath dress for this child who like things simple.
 With four extra inches of length to cover those Anderson/Nielson legs.
And then reused the gingham with some white piping to cover this squishy little body.

 And added just a peek of the polka-stripes because I couldn't resist.
 Maybe next year I'll find all the right ginghams. ( But I've also got some ideas bouncing around my head involving eyelet. Do you think I'll still be able to talk Olivia into matching next year?)


Elizabeth R said...

Darling! Of course you can talk her into it, she'll get a beautiful dress!

Ariane said...

You are so talented! And, as always, your girls are darling.

Annie said...

You, my friend, are impressive. And maybe i shouldn't call you my friend, but instead my sister? Either way, i'm still impressed with those cute dresses.