Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

This year I was super lucky on my birthday because there was a new performance group in town.  I mean, really new.  They'd only ever done small gigs before--nothing big-time like my birthday.  But they agreed to do it, in full costume, just for me.  (Because I'm awesome like that.  And because they love me so much.)

You can see how they were interpreting nature through their costumes--channeling flowers with the head tutus and goggles.  
 This smallest performer was both enchanting and energetic.
 I think this oldest performer had been moonlighting as a make-up artist.  I loved the judicious application of lipstain on all the participants.

 There was acting, and singing, and many happy birthday wishes.
 I was especially enchanted by their original musical compositions--songs about flowers and growing.   The harmonies were novel and interesting, almost atonal in nature.
 Plus, again, I have to say:  I just can't resist tutus on heads.  They could have just walked around the room, and I would have been thrilled.
Happy Birthday to me!


adventure knitter said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Do your girls hire out? Megan has a b-day coming up...

Stepher said...

Happy Birthday Em, cannot wait to see this when we come to town, hoping for front row tickets, we'll pay any cost, just save us a seat. Celine has grown up enough that she will not only wear her tutu one way, spoiled sport!

Elizabeth R said...

About a year or two ago I noticed girls wearing tutus around over their jeans. But the whole "tutu on the head" thing is a new fashion statement for me. So glad that your girls keep you up to date on the latest and greatest. Happy birthday!

dusty and meag said...

hahahaha atonal? Dusty and Paisley are the very definition...but they sure love to sing anyway. I'm glad you encourage that at your house. It's a bit painful for me to bear at mine ;) Happy birthday Em!